Saturday, April 5, 2014

Work outs. July 20, 2013

Well I’m officially addicted to weight lifting.
Usually I go Mondays, wednesdays and fridays on my lunch.  It’s easy, right down the hall from my office!  Tuesdays I usually go for a walk with a co-worker of mine and Fridays I get off work early and have a ton of stuff to do.  This week was a little screwed up.  Tuesday I didn’t bring my gym clothes as I’d be walking on my lunch.  Well my walking partner had the afternoon off so she left early, and I was left to my own devices.  It was way too hot to walk in the mid day sun, so I settled for walking around the superstore.  I felt like I was really wasting time and I really missed the gym!  Then I found out we had a birthday lunch on Thursday, so I was going to upset my gym schedule again!  So I decided to go on Friday after work!  The old me would have just skipped it.  The new me, with scheduled gym days, just couldn’t accept that!
I’m still current;y working on building the foundation for strength training.  In 2 weeks I’ll be starting to decrease my reps and increase the weight.  I’m so excited!  I’m researching what the common exercises are, dead lifts, squats, pull ups, etc.. and I actually tried my first real dead lift yesterday!  Or 36 of them really!  I just used the weights that were on the bar and I was able to do 12 reps x 3 fairly easily with 60 pounds.  I can’t wait to see what I can do with decreased reps and increased weight!  I wonder if I can dead lift my own body weight…
I wonder if I’ve finally found my fitness niche… 
Today we’re spending the day as a family, hopefully going for a walk with the kids, I’d like to go for a hike, but my 2 year old might be a little counter productive, she’s a little slow moving, lol!

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