Sunday, August 17, 2014

Precariously back in the swing.

Our furniture finally came last weekend and I've been super busy unpacking and organizing.  On Tuesday I totally forgot it was Tuesday and missed weigh in so went in later and was up 0.8.  I had a few days of total disorganization and takeout as a result, but now the kitchen is organized and I'm back on track.  I've had to make myself sit and eat breakfast, snack and lunch, as I'd been going half the day without food and gorging on take out in the afternoon.

The best part of unpacking, I found my scale!  I've been hovering just above 200 pounds and I'm happy to say I finally fell below!  6.4 lbs left to lose of vacation gain. I'm getting there!

I had to go back to basics on the exercise front.  My body just can't handle the stress of the HIITit Kelowna.  12 minutes or not, my body is just not ready for mountain climbers and burpees.  My bad ankle is needing iced and braced again and the Ganglion cyst on my left wrist is forcing me to rest that too!  I'm sure having an extra 30 lbs on my frame doesn't help either.

I've been doing a few hours of serious work in and out of the house though, enough to really work up a sweat and have a feeling of accomplishment (and sore feet!) at the end of the day.  Walking a couple of times a week when I can, I need to increase that, my poor dog is feeling neglected!

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Week one weigh in

I was down 2.1 pounds yesterday!

I used all of my activity points and most of my weeklies, but I was active most of the week and ate as well as I could between indulgences (mainly alcohol and restaurants).

Activity was a big increase this week.  I started walking again, the evenings here are nice and cool since the sun goes behind a mountain quite early, so I've been walking, gardening in the overgrown yard, painting the playroom and a work out I've started that is run by two Nurses here in Kelowna.  It's called HIIT it Kelowna and it's a 12 minute workout challenge that you do for 30 days.

 It's tough, I'm quite out of shape right now, and I have a ganglion on my wrist (a stupid cyst on my wrist that doesn't bug me as long as I don't put pressure on it) that is getting in the way of a few exercises, push ups, mountain climbers etc..  So I've had to modify those. But I'm doing it.  By the end of the 30 days it should get easier.  And really, if it were easy, they wouldn't call it high intensity, so I knew what I was signing up for.

A couple of updates in the PhoenixBlaise life...

Hubby is working and just got his Alberta Paramedic licence!  He'll be working away from home through the fall and winter, which sucks, but the money is good and will help us get ahead.

I spoke with the manager I'd interview with and I definitely have a job in Vernon Hospital!  It'll be Casual which is awesome because I can plan around life, the kids and Hubby's schedule.  I have two weeks left of vacation before I start :D I'm nervous and excited.  I haven't worked in a hospital setting in 6 years and haven't been in a ward setting in 8!  But it'll be good to get my Nursing skills back. Nurses in medical units are under-appreciated, it's a tough job and you need to really know your stuff.  I can't wait to get back into it!

I just got a call (really, while I was writing this post!) and our furniture should be coming tonight or tomorrow!  It's been almost six weeks since I've seen my couch...