-My heart doesn't pound when I walk upstairs!
-I can toss my kiddies around without getting winded!
-MY DOCTOR was impressed at my weight loss and mentioned in a referral letter, my SIGNIFICANT weight loss!
-I was surprised when I walked into the buffet at the retreat and was genuinely happy to see salad and healthy food!  Not just because they're on plan, but because I like them!
-I walk because I want to!
-I'm still surprised when my pants aren't tight, but are too loose to wear anymore!
-My favorite fat shirt is now a dress!
-my underwear are too big!
-my original pair of workout pants have to be pulled up to my boobs to stay on  totally don't fit!
-my belt fits  scratch that!  It's now on the 4th 5th hole in!  Only 2 1 more until I need a new one!   Scratch that!  I'm 3 holes in on the last hole on another one! Scratch that!  2 holes in on a third one!
-my rings spin on my fingers! Have gone down from a 7 to a 5.5!
-I'm looking at myself in the mirror more and noticing my stomach is smaller!
-my stretch marks are wrinkly because there isn't the fat to smooth them out anymore!
-the chubbiness in my hands is going away gone!
-I can reach my feet to tie my shoes up comfortably!
-the things I'm excited to do this summer include active things!
-when the weather is nice I want to be outside and not too lazy to actually do it!
-size 16!!!
-I don't have to straddle the toilet to open/close the door in public bathroom stalls!
-My husband can pick me up :)
-My patients I haven't seen in a while are noticing I've "lost a lot of weight"
-Bluenotes 34's fit!
-I ran!!!
-Bluenotes 33's fit!
-Size 14!!!
-collar bones!
-My daily chronic ankle pain is gone! coming and going gone!
-I ran my first kilometer!  October 16, 2012
-My leather jacket fits!
-Blue notes 34's and 33's and 32's are too big!
-Size 12!!!!  Holy crap!
-My shoulders are bony!
-Size large tops!
-Bluenotes size 32's 31's fit!
-Size MEDIUM tops!
-I went skating!
-I can't even buy bras at Addition Elle anymore!
-I can do a 30 35 second plank!
-MY BOSS joined weight watchers because I inspired her!
-My knees rest together bone on bone when I lie sideways in bed!
-Size 10!!!  Holy Shit!!!
-People "can't imagine" me as 250 lbs
-at meeting, someone asked if I was at goal yet :)
-Size 8!!!  Single digits!  Yeah!!!!!


  1. Gret NSVs - made me smile.. congratulations!

  2. Hello, i'm Megan and i'm new to your blog. I was wondering just a couple of things, I looked around for the answers so if they're elsewhere I apologize and please send me the link :)
    I recently started my own weight loss journey and am counting calories, is doing points easier to keep track of? How do WW points work? Thanks!