Saturday, April 5, 2014

6 weeks post op. June 13, 2013

My breast reduction was 6 weeks ago!  Where is the time going???
Things are feeling much more normal, I’m having to massage the scars every night (hubby is very interested in making sure the scars soften, lol! Not a boob man!  Right!).  They’re a bit misshapen still from scaring inside, but I’m told that with time and massage, they’ll “round out”.
Hubby and I celebrated our 3rd anniversary yesterday!  He surprised me by sneaking in and putting a planter with an orchid in my office while I was at the gym at lunch, then picked me up from work for dinner and a movie!  We went to Canyon creek for appies, then to see Star Trek on IMAX, then out for crepes and ice cream at Dimitri’s, so yum!
Coincidentally I was wearing the same shirt I wore on our Valentine’s day date!  So I did a comparison pic!
I have only lost a few pounds since february, but holy cow my face looks smaller!.  That shirt I could not have worn to work before the breast reduction, now it’s totally in my rotation now!

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