Saturday, June 30, 2012

Girls night and Victoria's Secret

Well I did it! I'm pretty hungover, but I tracked everything! Girls night out was a success! 

6 days tracked in a row!

This tracking thing seems to be working too.  This is my daily weights from the last week or so.  Holy crap!

Eating wise I kept to what I tracked. I had 4 chocolate covered strawberries and 2 mini cheesecakes. Alcohol was another story. I'd planned on one glass of wine, but ended up drinking the whole bottle :P ...and a glass of champagne... and 3 shots of something called a fuzzy hippo?

Needless to say it was very convenient that my sister was heading out that way this morning so I could pick up my car...

We went out to our favorite shopping mall today because I was in serious need of new panties.  Yesterday I walked around the superstore with my panties UNDER my bum!  They'd fallen down!  Since I don't "fit" in Addition-Elle anymore (too bad so sad!), I'm on the hunt for a new favorite panty.  I can't stand bare elastic on my skin, can't to bikini cut, hi cut briefs are too long in the waist, I'm a little picky.  They have to be comfortable!  So we went to Victoria's Secret.  They have a bra sale going on too, so I decided to try a couple on.  Because the kids were going crazy, the biggest size I could find on clearance was a 38D.  A pushup.  

Pretty sure I don't need a push up, and I need a bigger cup, lmao!  Or a breast reduction!  The girls certainly don't look like they're shrinking any!

I did find some underwear I like :)  Boyshorts!  In a LARGE!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

50 pound medal

A successful weigh-in! And here I was worried it wasn't going to be a good one because of not being able to exercise last week due to asthma and having weighed in in the morning last week and going back to evening weigh in tonight.  Down 2.2!  I finally made it to 50 pounds lost at meeting!  It took me 6 weeks to lose those 6 pounds from when I reached 50 pounds lost total!  Crazy!  So now I'm down 56.8 lbs and have 51.6 pounds away from goal :)  Awesome.

I'm starting to get down to a weight that I was at for a long while.  In 2007 I was 190 lbs then gained 20 before I got pregnant with my first, then 20 more after each pregnancy.  I floated around the high 180's low 190's for quite a while and I have to say I'm getting a bit nervous to try and lose that weight.  As if it's more permanent weight if that makes any sense?  I know that's ridiculous, but the top 60 pounds went on quick over the last 4.5 years and the weight before that was kind of my comfortable weight.  I'm sure the next few pounds will "fly" off over the summer (Remember I'm committed to losing 18 lbs by labour day :) ).  Ok now I'm just rambling, lol!  But these thoughts have been in my head for a bit.

On another note, I've been hard core tracking this week and am totally on plan :P

Sunday, June 24, 2012

100 day challenge

I hope you don't mind Mary!  Over at A small loss, Mary has challenged her readers "to commit to something for one hundred days".  I've been half heartedly tracking for the last month and the scales show it!  So I've decided my challenge will be to track everything for 100 days.  It's going to be hard, considering it's summer and temptations abound this time of year!  Hopefully it will make me think about what I'm eating.  Instead of just popping things in my mouth.  

The challenge starts June 29th and 100 days from then is October 7th.  A lot can happen in 100 days.  In the past 100 days I've lost 16.8 lbs.  In the first 100 days of my weight loss journey I lost 24.8 lbs.  If I stay on plan for the next 100 days, losing a pound a week, I can be down 15 lbs or more!

Anyone else want to join?  Go visit Mary's blog!

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Bob Harpers Skinny Rules

I'm watching a PVR'd "The Revolution" episode and Bob Harper from the biggest loser is on promoting his new book "Skinny Rules".  On the episode he quoted 5 rules to losing weight.  And they make a lot of sense!  And most of them I do already!  He said that he's found that people do better at weight loss when they have rules to adhere to

1.  Drink lots of water.  Have a big glass of water when you get up in the morning and a glass of water before eating each meal (of course drink lots during the day too).

2.  Eat protein with every meal.  Your body can't store protein so this keeps the body fueled all the time and keeps your metabolism pumping!

3.  Eat an apple and some berries every day.  Lots of fibre and antioxidants.

4.  Go to bed hungry.  It's hard, but he says it really does help with weight loss!

5.  Plan a splurge meal once a week.

Using the 80/20 rule, being good 80% of the time but allow yourself to "cheat" 20% of the time.  You take 8 steps forward and 2 steps back, you're still 6 steps ahead!  I tell this to my patients in Diabetic education ALL THE TIME.  You need to live and allow yourself to have those cravings, but just not all the time.  If you've been good all week and have that splurge meal or snack to look forward to, you're going to enjoy it that much more.

Now I want to get that book, lol!

Friday, June 22, 2012


It's been really hot in Southern Ontario this week and my asthma is pretty bad.  Even in my airconditioned office I'm struggling!  Everything I do makes me tired, walking up the stairs makes my heart beat fast and I lose my breath.  Sound familiar?  Thankfully puffers help (somewhat) this time around!  How quickly I forgot how bad I felt when I was 250 lbs!  I hate feeling like this! My plan to run every other day went out the window and I'm not able to go to the gym.  And if I weren't miserable enough, I'm as puffy as hell!  Thank God weigh-in is still 4 days away after a nice temperate weekend :)

I'm HOPING I'll feel better this weekend and can get back on the exercise bandwagon.  It really sucks that I've lost 54.6 lbs and something else creeps up to stop me in my tracks!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

I finally did it!

Two big milestones reached at meeting today!

ONEDERLAND!  I've been here on the home scale in the mornings since May 10, but now it's official!!!  I am NEVER seeing those numbers ever again!

HALFWAY TO GOAL!  I'm now closer to goal than I am to my starting weight!

I'm nearly at 50 lbs down at meeting too.  Remember I joined weight watchers online and lost 6 pounds before I joined the meetings and they don't officially count those 6 pounds.  Not a big deal, I get to celebrate milestones twice! (And I do!)  So hopefully I'll get there next week and I'll have another shiny medal to show off!

Monday, June 18, 2012

A weekend away on a diet

I'm up 3 pounds dince Saturday morning.  Grrrr.

Tom and I went to Niagara Falls this past weekend.  We missed the whole Nik Walenda thing and came down Saturday.  I was extremely good.  I didn't count points, but I drank a ton of water, ate a healthy breakfast before leaving saturday, stopped at a Grocery store and picked up fruit and veggies to snack on, I did have a pulled pork sandwich at Ribfest, but I only ate a couple bites of the bun!  Saturday night we went to Brasa.  A brazilian steakhouse where Brazilian cowboys come around to your table with different cuts of meat that are roasted and carried around on swords and slice off a piece for you.  They also bring around roasted pineapple in the same fashion (So yum!).  I started with a big salad with one tablespoon of sun-dried tomato oil and vinegar dressing, then only had a couple of bites of about 5 different kinds of meat.  I had about half a pineapple :). I had a martini but I skipped dessert.

We walked from our hotel right down to the falls, quite a hike!  and walked around downtown a bit.

Sunday we went to Cora's.  My favorite breakfast place.

I ate the fruit first and ate about 3/4's of the crepe wrap. (There was ham, egg and cheese in it).

Then we went to my brothers for Fathers Day.  We brought veggies and dip as snacks.  My sister and Niece were watching the girls and met us there.  I gotta say, "Sorry for the poop in the hot tub!"  Lesson learned.  Always pack swim diapers!!!

I did have a couple handfuls of potato chips and a hamburger (with a bun).  But again I skipped dessert!

I'm still dealing with the side effects of being on Iron supplements.  I'm sure I'm going to be in the bathroom all day today and maybe I'll be a couple of pounds lighter tomorrow, lol!

I must be getting old, I'm focusing on poop way more now than I ever did!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Doctors appointment (Yes another one)

And it looks like I won't be done with them yet.

First off.  My doctor noticed my weight loss and said I look phenomenal!  A compliment like that is hard earned from my doctor!

This was a follow up to blood work done a few weeks ago and that quacks (Orthopedic surgeon) appointment last week.  She had already heard from him that he wasn't interested in taking on my case and she had already referred me to see another surgeon!  I hadn't even come in yet!  So you know she's pulling for me!  Thank God!  My family doctor, either you love her or you hate her.  I love her.  She takes my concerns seriously.

I was following up with her about my dizzy spells as well, and she did a bunch of tests to make sure it wasn't related to anything in my brain (I passed).  She thinks it has to do with my ears or sinuses or something, so she's referring me to an ear nose and throat specialist as well.  She doesn't think I need a CT or MRI of my head as of yet.  She said the specialist might need one though.

I told her that I've taken an interest in learning to run and she is very happy about that.  I had wondered if I should cut back on my Celebrex as I've been on it for a while and I'm not having so much pain like I used to now that I'm more active and >50 lbs lighter.  She said "I want you to run.  I want you to work out and I want you to lose the rest of the weight".  She pretty much said that she's not taking me off of it if I'm able to do all of those things.  She doesn't want to upset the balance I have right now.

She also told me to not wear the ankle brace while running.  It's messing with the tibialis posterior muscle and could make things worse.  So I'm to keep up with the strength training and just be careful when I run.

Oh, and she put me back on my puffer because she says my asthma is bad.  I said I always sound like this, and she gave me a look, lol!

Well my writing is cut short.  Lara wants to go to bed with her pizza (the one she asked for and didn't eat).  So I'm going to tuck her (and her pizza) in.  Gotta pick my battles!  Night!

Monday, June 11, 2012

Couch to 5k

So I did day one of couch to 5k!  In the rain!  It went pretty well.  I walked through the 4th run as my stupid little scrunched up tibialis anterior muscle was aching!  That muscle is atrophied because of the ankle brace I've been forced to wear whenever I'm doing activity.  So that little muscle fights being used now.  I imagine I'm going to have to try running without the ankle brace eventually... As long as I keep up with the strengthening exercises...  I did run every run after that though so that's not bad!  I'm going to take tomorrow off and try to run again on wednesday.

I'm not sure how weigh-in is going to go tomorrow...  The iron supplements I've been taking are messing with my stomach.  Been feeling pretty bloated today :(  Oh well, it'll be a good loss next week!  It kinda sucks that I'm going to have a bad wek this week, I'm so close to a couple huge milestones at meeting!

Tomorrow is also our 2nd wedding anniversary!  2 years already!  Wow!  I love him a thousand times more than I did that day.  I'm so blessed!

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Gym fail turned around!

I was up, awake and ready at the gym and my trainer didn't show!  So instead of leaving or doing a half assed workout, I jumped on the treadmill.  At first my goal was to be on it for 20 minutes, I'm a beginner anyhow, I walked at 3.5 mile pace for 5 minutes then upped it to 5 and started running!  I ran one minute, walked 4, 4 times.  I wasn't completely exhaused so I went for a 5th time and ran 2 minute the last interval!  So I walked 24/30 minutes, but I ran for 6!  And I'm not dead!  My ankle is fine, my knees are a tad bit achy, but that's nothing new.  I'm so proud of myself!

This was my first REAL planned "run".  I'm going slow, giving myself lots of recoup time and I fully intend to run again in 2-3 days.  I didn't bring anything to track my run (besides what the treadmill tells you) but this is what I did.

4 min walking 3.5mph
1 min running 5.0mph
4 min walking 3.5mph
1 min running 5.0 mph
4 min walking 3.5mph
1 min running 5.0mph
4 min walking 3.5mph
1 min running 5.0mph
4 min walking 3.2mph
2 min running 5.0mph
4 min walking 3.0mph

Not quite the easiest setting of couch to 5k (what beginner can really do that anyways!) but it's a start and I'm proud of it!

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Surgeon's appointment disappointment

I waited a bit to write this post because I needed to cool down!

I went to see a surgeon to see if there was something he could do surgically to make it more stable.  I had x rays, a recnt MRI, a progress report from my physio, everything.  He came in, read the CT report from a CT I had 3 years ago, moved my foot around a little and told me he couldn't do anything for me.  He said the CT shows that my ligaments aren't torn and there is nothing to rebuild.  He said I need to lose weight and get orthotics.  Thanks a lot buddy.  I said I've lost more than 50 pounds in less than 8 months!  He said, well then if you lose more it'll be better.  F&%King quack!

I cried the whole way home!

I was supposed to pick up my kids from my brothers when I got back into town, but I needed to dry up before my 3 year old saw me.  So I went back home and went through some of my clothes, put too big ones in a Rubbermaid and pull out the ones that are close to fitting again.

Read this.

My size 36 blue notes goal jeans are too big!  So I pulled out the 34's and they fit!!!  And man do they look good! (pardon the messy bathroom).

I pulled out my fat jeans.  The ones that took me 20 pounds lost to get into and look how tiny my 34's are!

Well, kiddies are waking up, gotta go!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Hey fat girl.

A fellow Weight Watcher on the 100+ board posted a link to this blog.  I cried!  I AM that girl!  So much for my freshly done make up!  What an amazing inspiration to keep going!  Your really need to check this out!

Hey fat girl!

Keep on running!

Monday, June 4, 2012

Weekend walking!

Saturday we went to our small town's ALS walk.  One of the Doctors that used to work in my office was diagnosed with ALS a few years ago and since he's a big figure in our community, the community has embraced fundraising for this horrible disease!

The walk was 4km (or so I'm told, it didn't take us long to do it) and we ran a few times!  I'm feeling compelled to run again. :)  Lately it just seems to keep niggling in my head!

Lara wanted to wear a T-shirt too!

Sunday my sister and I headed to Oakville to walk the Weight Watchers/Running Room Walk It Challenge.  It's a 5k walk that is put on every year and proceeds to go breakfast for learning.  It was a little harder than the ALS walk the day before, hence I only "think" it was a 4k walk.  This one took the better part of an hour and we were walking at a pretty steady pace.  My ankle and legs were sore from running the day before though, so that might have added to it. :)

Here's Annie and I in the Running Room!

And this is one of the amazing views on the walk!  If you look closely, you can see the Toronto skyline in between the trees!

We were starving when we were done, so we grabbed our swag bags and headed to Cora's for breakfast!  I love this restaurant, they always pile on the fruit!  

Weigh in is tomorrow, not too optimistic, I'm still up a bit from last Tuesday, lots of water weight from the walks.  I gained 2 pounds between friday and sunday!  So I don't think I'm going to reach my goal of being out of the 200's this week, but we'll see.  Stranger things have happened.  I am guzzling a TON of water to flush things out!

Friday, June 1, 2012

I love fridays! Even if it's raining :)

Fridays I only work until noon, and even then, it's relaxed at work, only 2 doctors myself and the desk staff.  If I haven't mentioned before, I work as a Nurse in a family practice.  It's small, only 4 doctors and a Nurse Practitioner.  A great job, everyone's friends :)

Friday's are laid back, I usually only see a handful of patients and I have time to tie up loose ends, make phone calls, catch up on stuff.  Leisurely.  Then I go home and I have the rest of the day with my girls and make dinner before Daddo comes home!

Tonight Lara and I are going to make Daddo's favorite for dinner!  Lasagna!  Not the lightest, but I'll serve it with a big salad.  I figure we can have a bit of a heavier meal today, We have 2 5k walk a thons planned this weekend!