Monday, April 14, 2014

A not quite on plan weekend

Thank goodness for the activity I got!  Because it was a grab-and-go kinda weekend shamefully :(.

I still did have a successful weekend in a few other aspects though, I got the P90x app for my ipad (I'll start AFTER I finish making 13 shawls and a wedding cake for my sisters wedding...  I still need to locate weights... but I'll get it together.  I might do the 30 day shred in the meantime to get started, I never have finished that.

 I got everything put away in the coat closet, kitchen and bathroom, and scrubbed down said rooms, put up my husbands motorcycle shed, got the girls bikes and scooters out and gave them a safe nice sized area on our driveway for riding, cleaned the bike trailer, got the patio equipment out...

I also went to a birthday party and with hubby to pick up his bike from my brother's and had a nice long ride :)

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