Saturday, April 5, 2014

Tuesday weigh in. July 9, 2013

I lost it all!  Plus a little more!  Down 4.2 pounds!
For the first time in weeks I have some WP’s left!  Image
Lately I’ve been going into a deficit (mostly blaming it on “I need to eat more because I’m healing from surgery”) and the scale is obviously showing it.
As of last Tuesday’s weigh in I was the same weight as I was in January!!!  Really there’s no excuse for that!.  Thankfully this great weigh in has knocked a couple of months off of that and motivated me to lose the last8.6 pounds and get to goal!  I really want this.  Last year I said I wanted to reach goal by summer, and could have done it!  Now I REALLY want to be at goal by next summer!  Give myself a good YEAR to get the last few pounds off, lol!  Not really, by the end of summer would be nice, or my 2 year weight-loss-aversary on October, or by Christmas, or my 35th (yikes!) birthday in January… I hate setting time goals for myself.  When I’m under pressure I sabotage myself.  So I really don’t want to set a hard and fast goal, just as quickly as I can do it while living my life.
My arm is feeling better today, I had to modify my workout because of this stupid repetitive strain injury.  Yesterday I tried to keep my wrist in a neutral position, used Voltaren gel and iced it when I got home.  I think I’ll come out of this unscathed!

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