Saturday, April 5, 2014

An easy weekend. Finally! July 7, 2013

Well I survived the weekend with most of my weekly points intact!  The last few weeks have been in the red by quite a bit, so this is good!  Hubby worked all weekend again, so I was home with the kiddies and purposefully avoided all social gatherings, lol!  I really wanted to avoid temptation, and I have a ton of stuff around the house to do!  4 plus hours of toy sorting and laundry sorting and folding yesterday,
I’ve lost the 4 pounds I gained after last weekend on the home scale, so my weigh in should be exciting this week!  I’m aiming to go down a bit more too.  We’ll see.
Having a good, on plan weekend has me thinking.  At the beginning of the summer I said that my goal was to maintain for the summer, enjoy it.  And I do want to enjoy the summer.  But that gain of 4 pounds last week really messed me up.  I don’t want to binge and lose, binge and lose all summer!  That and I’m so freaking, g%$ damn close to goal!!!  Seriously, had I buckled down and set my mind to it, I’d freaking be there already!  Today I weigh the same as I did 2 months ago only days after my surgery.  I’m still up 5 lbs from pre surgery.  Really, had I not gone off plan while I was recovering, I’d be at goal now.
I’m really pissed at myself for barely following the plan the past 2 months.  I lost almost 90 pounds.  I can freaking lose 10!  I’ve been frequenting the Success stories board on My Fitness Pal a lot lately, something I used to do a lot when I was actively losing, I really want to post mine!
So I’m really going to try harder.  Even with weight training there’s no reason why my weight shouldn’t drop.  When I’m on plan I still lose, when I half ass it I don’t.  Really it’s not that it’s hard to lose at this weight, it’s that I’m not really into it.  The past 4 days I’ve lost 4 pounds.  Because I’ve been on plan!  Drinking my water, exercising, fueling my body.  See?  It works!
So I’m going to bite the bullet.  No more bingeing on the weekends, my first 2 summers losing I avoided temptation at social gatherings, I can indulge a little and maintain when I hit goal.  I’m going to lose this last 12.8 pounds (stupid 4 pound gain!).  Seriously.  I just need to do it!
Fuck it!  I’m going for a walk!!!

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