Friday, August 31, 2012

Where are you in your journey

This was asked in a post in my 100+ pounds to lose group on weight watchers canada.

This was my answer.

I'm down 65 pounds in 10 months and have NEVER lost more than 35 pounds, ever.  My body was giving out on me at 253 pounds and I was watching my obese mother get sicker and sicker.  When I saw I was over 250 lbs I signed up for WW's (again) and never looked back!

I wear regular sized clothes now, but sometimes I still feel "fat".  It's hard to accept compliments and I really have to actively try to say thank you!  I did catch a glimpse in the window of my reflection this morning and I thought "I look like a normal person" Instead of a morbidly obese person!  Funny how it just hits you sometimes!

I struggle daily with wanting to binge but avoid it, struggle with getting enough water instead of just drinking coffee all day, struggle with finding clothes that fit, loose skin that prevents me from wearing clothes that truly fit, my self image of being saggy baggy and swallowing my pride when naked around my husband.

In the same moment when I'm struggling, I'm so infinitely proud of myself for doing this!  I've lost 65 pounds!  I've lost over a foot off my waist alone!  I've gotten rid of 12 bags of too big clothing.  I drink my water and have one serving of what I want to binge on then walk away.  I blend in as a normal person instead of stand out as an obese one.  The compliments I get are for real and EARNED!  My saggy skin and stretch marks are badges of honour and my husband caresses them, with pride for me.

This is where I am today :)  Thanks for asking.  Now I'm crying!

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Fitness challenge

I'm thinking of challenging myself to a fitness challenge.  I'm not sure what I'm going to do yet though.  I was thinking of doing the 30 day shred or a running challenge (or a combination of the two) or asking for my wii back from my nieces and do something on wii active.  I don't know.  I'm in a wedding in November and the dress is too tight.  I can get it done up, but it doesn't fall right.  I need at least 10 pounds off and some toning done.  I have a gym membership still, but with hubby in school and me working full time and two teeny ones that need someone at home at all times, I'm not finding the time to fit a visit in to the gym.

I'm really starting to think seriously about getting more active and find my fitness groove though, whatever that is.  I've got a little over 40 pounds left to lose and I know it's going to be tough to get that off, especially the last few pounds before goal.

Maybe I just ned to do SOMETHING everyday?  Any suggestions?

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Kids don't want to sleep!

Oh man!  I haven't posted in 5 days!  My bad!  I gotta kick this up a notch, I've lost 4 followers!!!

It's been stupid busy around here and the girls haven't been going to bed as easily, so poor Mama doesn't get a whole lot of alone time to blog :(
I'm still here though, I promise!  Zaryah is getting molars and Lara had a nightmare the other night (her first one) and has decided she doesn't want to sleep anymore :(  Poor kiddo's.  Poor Mama.

I'm still plugging along here.  This wee was a stay the same.  I didn't lose anything.  But last week with all of the crap I ate because we were so busy redoing our back yard, I'm surprised I didn't gain honestly!  I used 65 activity points on top of my daily points, plus 31 weekly points!  That's A LOT of food in one week!  No worries, I'm eating much better this week and am looking forward to a good loss next tuesday.

I'm 59 days down in my 100 day tracking challenge!  I haven't always been good, and one week I was in the red, but I've learned that it's ok to track everything, even the bad stuff!  Sometimes I think I've totally blown it and should just throw away my weekly points, then I tally it up and didn't use as much as I'd thought I had!  I'm really in the tracking groove these days.  I might extend my tracking challenge.  Although I'm in a wedding with a free bar in december and the other two bridesmaids are pregnant...  Lots of pressure on this girl to drink!  We'll see though.  Maybe I'll just start another 100 day challenge...

Saturday, August 18, 2012

We're taking my mom out for dinner tonight for her birthday. Her choice of restaurants is Red Lobster, also one of my favorites!

I've found the nutritional info and instead of my usual...

-A glass of wine or a cooler
-a gingerale
-3-4 cheddar bay biscuits
-a whole caesar salad
-the whole thing of their deep fried breaded calamari and vegetables
-Ultimate feast, trading hubby my lobster tail for his crab legs from his ultimate feast (a match made in heaven! I like lobster, but I love crab, he likes crab, but he loves lobster)
-Baked potato
-Something decadent for dessert and maybe
-a dessert coffee 

Well over 100 points!!!!!

I'm having this and have already tracked it

-A garden salad with balsamic dressing
-share a calamari with everyone
-2 cheddar bay biscuits (I can't just have one)
-Snow crab legs (seriously low on points! Don't use the butter)

Only about 16-18 points

And maybe share a dessert with hubby

Sound better? I can't go to a restaurant and not eat the treats. I figure this way I'm comprimising :) I'm saving a buttload of points!!!!

I love weight watchers, lol!  I treat myself, track it, 

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Surprise weigh in and our half pretty backyard!

Tom and I spent most of the day (and the past 2 days preparing for) laying new topsoil and sod over half of our yard.  Hard work!  We haven't been making such great lunch food choices, but lots of activity makes up for it right?  Well I was hoping to be down a pound today and was pleasantly surprised to be down 2 pounds!  I'm on a roll baby!  so I'm officially down 65 pounds and have lost 25% of my body weight :DDD

The backyard is shaping up!  We have a lot of work left yet, but we'll get there.

I can't wait until it's done!!!  We've not had a healthy yard for years and have been battling weeds and dead soil to no avail!  So we bit the bullet and decided on sod.    My girls will have a safe place to play!

Friday, August 10, 2012

Another challenge

I'm in a facebook group for weight loss and we're doing a Biggest Loser Challenge!!!

I'm so excited and ready to get going!  I think I'm going to amp up my activity now that my knee is getting better, still don't think I'll try running yet, but it'll come hopefully in the next couple of weeks.  I still need to get new running shoes...

The challenge includes working out everyday (however we wish to do that) plus homework which will be so many reps of jumping jacks, push ups, crunches, lunges, squats  etc... every day.  It's going to be a challenge, but I know my body can do it.  I just have to lose the lazy that has set in!

My starting weight is 186 (on my home scale).  Weird to say that is my starting weight considering 10 months ago tomorrow I weighed 251!!!

I don't really have a weight goal for this challenge, but my goal is for that size 16 bridesmaid dress I bought 3 weeks ago (that was a bit snug) to have to be taken in before the wedding November 10th.   :D

On another note... I tried on a bunch of clothes from a friend of mine and there was a nice pair of size 14 jeans in there, they were too big!!!  I really don't think I'm a size 12 officially yet, but it's coming!!!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

A great weigh in!

Weigh in was last night for me and I'm down 2.8!  For a total of 63 pounds lost!  Now this was a loss for 2 weeks, but this past week we had a long weekend and I had already used all of my weekly points by thursday!  I also haven't been able to get any exercise in because of my knee injury, I don't dare even walk on it!

K, kiddies are restless!  Gotta go!

Monday, August 6, 2012

Renewed vigor

I don't know why it is, but sometimes I just feel successful and totally on it this weekend.  We've been at home mostly and making our own meals again.  I have 48 pounds to lose officially to get to my goal of 145 lbs at Weight Watchers but my ultimate goal is to be smaller than my little sister Annie.  :)  I don't think I've ever been smaller than her!  She fluctuates around 140-145 now that she's gotten to goal.

I'm about 1 size away from fitting into her fat jeans.  Sounds bad, but she's always been the skinny one!  So that's a great accomplishment!

Another thing that is getting me back on the band wagon (not like I fell off of it, but it has kicked my butt a lot!).  The other day a great tragedy happened at our local gym.

A woman drove her suburban right through the front window and drove straight through to the back of the building where the desk clerk Sherry was sitting having a quick break!  She was pinned under the truck for 45 mins before firefighters were able to extricate her through a back window in the office.  She's now in ICU at the biggest trauma hospital in Toronto fighting for her life.

Here is the story.  Woman suffers serious injuries...

Neither Tom or I have been to the gym often in the past month or so, so this has totally made us appreciate all of the great people that work there, especially Sherry who took the time to get to know us and encourage us whenever we went in.  This gym has also helped us keep our memberships even through financial hard times with Tom in school.  I think we really need to start going again once it opens back up!  Her fighting for her life has really made us realize that we need to fight for ours!

Friday, August 3, 2012

Oops! Been a busy week!


So obviously I've been too busy to blog this week!  Crap!

This past week we finished our family room, my husband is studying for finals, I hurt my knee running, my sister who normally babysits is on vacation and I've been kid wrangling by myself!

I'm so exhausted and happy it's the long weekend!  Off until Tuesday!

Yes I hurt my knee, pretty badly actually.  It was when I was running the other day.  I've been doing the c25k and had gone every other day last week.  On Thursday I was about 6 intervals in and pushed off to start running again and felt a ton of pain in my left knee!  I kept running and pushed through it to finish the last intervals, then limped off the track.  I've been in crazy pain since!  I'm on my regular Celebrex, Advil around the clock and now Tramadol.  One of the doctors I work with thinks I might have injured a ligament.  I'll see my own doc in a week or so when I'm off for a week.  This totally sucks! Every time I get going in some activity I go and hurt myself!

Being so crazy busy this week has NOT helped my knee at all!  We spent all weekend painting the family room then I took the kids to Centre Island in Toronto on Tuesday (got caught in a monsoon!!!) and work has been crazy busy.  My knee hasn't had time to heal.

So this weekend I'm doing nothing.  I need to rest.

The monsoon was fun.  We got to Centre Island around 12:30 ish and started looking for food, the kids were hungry.  The thunder started getting louder so I switch my focus to looking for shelter.  The close thunder and large trees were not making me feel very comfortable!  We did get wet, thankfully our stroller has large canopies so the girls were relatively dry, but Mama was soaked, lol!  We ended up finding a covered grandstand and got out of the heavy rain at least, just in time!  The storm battered us for about 20 minutes, got pretty intense!

Then it got worse!

With everyone screaming like it was the end of the world!

Except for my girls, they weren't bothered by it at all!

Poor Lara wanted to go on some rides and we did manage to get onto the train ride, but there was another storm coming in and they shut the rest down :(  We ended up getting caught in trafic on the way home and I missed weighing in!!!  It's the first weigh in I've missed this whole time and I was bummed!  No matter, should have a good weigh in next week!