Tuesday, February 28, 2012

20 weeks down!

I'm officially down 35 lbs!!!!  I lost 1.6 lbs this week at Weight Watchers!

A little NSV for me today.  I have a spring coat that I bought before Lara was born and it hasn't done up since!  I couple of weeks ago or 3 I was able to do it up but it was a little tight across my belly.  Today I put it on and did it up and it fit comfortably!  Even my husband noticed it fit better!  Yippee!

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Niagara Falls

Sorry I've been MIA this week.  I'm holding on.  Not expecting a huge loss this week though.

We went to Niagara falls for 3 days for a mini getaway for us and the babies.  Tom had an entrance exam at Niagara college so we figured it was a good an excuse as any!  We brought my Niece Mia with us for babysitting help :).

Our hotel had a waterpark in it and it was really clean and up to date!  The kiddies were too small for a lot of the stuff, but the gradual entry to the wave pool made for a lot of fun jumping and splashing!

If you every find yourself in Niagara Falls the resort is called Americana.  It's not right down by the falls, but the weather was crummy so it didn't really matter.  That and we've been to Niagara Falls a dozen times and have seen the view :)  (We did drive by the falls so Lara could see)

The room was huge.  2 queen beds, a pull out couch, dining table, microwave and mini fridge.  It did our little family well!

We had a meal plan package, which made me a little nervous, but I did ok.  We bought a huge veggie tray and a big bowl of cut up fruit and kept it in our mini fridge.  Before any meals I pigged out on veggies and dip, making me eat less of the pizza, pasta, etc..  I did eat pizza, pasta, and we went to Arby's for lunch yesterday... I guess my saving grace there was that the roast beef was roasted and shaved instead of fryed.  That and I barely are any of the curly fries, their oil must have been old because they tasted funny!

We came home yesterday afternoon just in time for me to get ready for my friends bachelorette party!  We had to meet at her place so I decided I'd be post Limo DD for a couple friends of mine.  I had a drink at the beginning of the night plus a small glass of champagne about half way through.  The limo was a stretch Excursion :)))  So nice!  I won't go into details, but it was a fun night!  I finally crawled into bed just before 4 am.  So I got a couple hours of sleep.  Glad I didn't drink, I don't think I'd function well with a hangover!

So this morning I weighed the same as I did before I left for Niagara Falls!  So happy about that!  Here's hoping I can lose a little bit by Tuesday.  I really hate gains on weigh-in days!!!

Back to our regularly scheduled program now.  February so far I've only lost 3.5 lbs :(  March is coming up next week and is a fresh start!  I have 17.5 lbs to lose to hit Onederland (on the home scale) and I was hoping to get there before I go back to work at the end of April.  If I'm really focused I'm sure I can get there.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

19 weeks down!

Well I managed to pull off a great number even though the past 2 weeks have been crap!  Down 2.2 for a total of 33.4 lbs!  Go me!

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Struggling a bit

I've had a hard time the last couple of weeks.  Kids being sick, me being sick, ankle kicking up a huge fuss because I started Physio again, lots of social events.   I'm still down a bit from my weigh-in 2 weeks ago, but I should have lost at least a couple of pounds in that time :(

I'm not totally of the wagon, I start every day out tracking, and many days I track everything.  I'm not getting in my water, exercise, enough veggies etc..  most days though.

That and the exercise has taken a nosedive!  Physio has really exasperated the ankle pain which is really not helping.  I'm hopefully getting to the gym today for a good hour or so and I've talked my sister into getting up early in the mornings to go to spin class with me  :).  She is not a morning person, but she wants to lose the last 5 pounds before she goes to Florida in a few weeks!

I found a great sale at Zellers (store is closing in a few months) where all of their clearance stuff was 50% off the lowest ticketed price!  I got a pair of jeans!!!  In a 16!  And a shirt.  And a bathing suit (gasp!)  I've got just about nothing in the pants department besides too big jeans and yoga pants and really wasn't looking forward to pants shopping because of my stomach issues so I was happy when I tried them on and they fit over my stomach without looking too hilarious!  They're skinny fit too which looks much better over my skinny legs and non existent butt!.

Hopefully the next time I need new jeans I'll be able to fit into the ones in my bottom drawer again!  About a week before I found out I was pregnant with my first baby I went out and bought a few pairs of my favorite style jeans.  Bluenotes Nina's.  The style that fits my body but is hard to find!  Ive not been able to get into them since!  And they're probably about 10-15 pounds away from doing up!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Size 14...

I went into old navy today while my husband and niece were ogling stuff in the Apple store.  I went right to the clearance racks (are you kidding?  I'm NOT paying full price for Any clothes right now!).  I passed the 18's and perused the 16's and 14's and found a really cheap pair that wasn't so gross looking.  I tried them on and alas.  Can't do them up!  I got a little pissy and threw them at the dressing room attendant (not really, but I wanted to!) and walked out.  It wasn't until a few minutes later that I realized I was upset about size 14's!  I got them up but my belly was in the way!  A few months ago I couldn't do up their highest size!

I didn't end up getting anything, i'm having a really hard time buying clothes right now because I'm disgusted how my body looks right now and I don't want to buy anything I'm just going to shrink out of!  I really am in need of some transition clothes though.  I have one pair of pants (besides yoga pants) and they're so old and out of shape!  And ugly!  One of my biggest issues with my body is that most of my weight is in my belly, and after 2 babies close together, by lower belly hangs over like an apron.  It hangs lower now that I've lost 30 pounds than it did in the 250's!  This doesn't help ANY pants look good and was the reason those pants didn't do up.  I'm pretty sure plastic surgery is in my future...  I have a pair of shapers that I've been thinking about wearing to hold my extra skin in, but wouldn't that be uncomfortable???

I think I'm going to put them on and go to Value village.  Get me some second hand stuff.

Well this week went to (insert expletive here) 18 weeks down!

This week started bad and ended bad!  Our treadmill broke, which with it went my want to exercise.  I did get a couple really good walks in, but with everything else that happened...  Zaryah was sick with Roseola early in the week, lack of sleep and patience with that, then 3 back to back parties/social events on the weekend (I don't deny myself party food as if this is going to be a lifestyle change, I'm not going to avoid party food forever, I need to learn to be successful with it in my life).  Then this week started with more sickness!  Both kiddies were puking on monday, then Hubby and I weren't well yesterday!  I was super bloated with this gut bug yesterday!  No surprise that this week netted a 0.6 lb gain at WW's last night!

We looked into fixing the treadmill and it was going to cost a pretty penny.  We bought it off of Kijiji (Canada's version of Craig's list) so it doesn't really owe us anything I guess.  We figured out that for the same price we can pay for gym memberships for both of us for the next 2 months.  Then I'm back to work making regular money again.

So we went and joined the gym around the corner from our house but we haven't been yet!  The sickness has prevented it of course!  I'm feeling better today, and hubby says he's better, so while my sister listens out for the kids, we're going to get over there tonight once they're asleep!  Hopefully!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Family birthdays

Yesterday and the day before my family got together to celebrate my nieces confirmation, my 33rd and my daughters 3rd birthdays!  We are a big family and celebrate everyone.  Getting together about once a month.  These are my cheat days.  If this is going to be a life long thing, I'm not going to deny myself at these parties for the rest of my life, just not going to happen!  So I indulged in veggies and dip, my sister in laws famous spinach dip and pumpernickel bread, I had a hamburger (with a thin bun) and a hot dog (with no bun), a small piece of cake and some chocolate frozen yogurt.  I also are the broccoli salad and broccoli bacon quinoa I made :)

The scale is up a little and it probably won't be a very good week on the official scale, but that's ok.  I have to live life.  That includes losing weight and watching what I eat AND going to parties!  I love food, especially family potlucks and I'm not going to deny myself that or I'll set myself up for a fail.

I did curb it.  I didn't sit in front of the spinach dip all night like my old self would have, I didn't have 2 burgers, I didn't have an entire bowl of potato chips, 2 pieces of cake, other desserts, lots of pop, alcohol...I did eat a lot of veggies :)  So I guess that redeems it all, lol!

Roll on tuesday and weigh-in day!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Busy busy busy! 17 weeks down!

Things have been hectic around here!  Tom had to do CPR and First aid tuesday and wednesday so I had the kids all day.  I know, shouldn't be that hard, but we've been parenting together this past year I've been off on Mat leave and I'm not used to doing it alone!  It's especially hard now that Zaryah's walking!  Double busy!

First off, WW's meeting went well on Tuesday!  I'm down another 2.2 lbs for an official total of 32 lbs lost!  In the meeting I'm down 26 lbs total as I lost 6 lbs while using WW's online before going to the meeting.  So I got my 10% keychain and my 25 lb ring for it!  Such an accomplishment I think!  I put my keychain on my purse and it jingles together whenever I move, reminding me of my accomplishment!

We had a doctors appointment for both girls and myself on tuesday afternoon.  I mentioned my ankle is still giving me grief and that I'm tired of it being a barrier to me getting healthy!  I told her I was thinking about starting running and instead of her saying I shouldn't, she was all for it!  She was also very impressed that I've lost 32 lbs!  That the rate I've been losing is incredible!

She referred me back to my physiotherapist do strengthen the muscles that hold my foot together (all of the ligaments are toast on the outside of the right ankle and my foot just wants to roll that way!)  She also said that my Orthopedic surgeon has retired and that if the problems continue she'll find a new one that might be more open to surgical repair.  My old ortho told me to just wear my brace all the time and get a cane!  Thanks a lot!  I'm 33, so I'm just going to sit on my butt for the next 70 odd years?  I figure he just saw a fat lazy person and it didn't matter if my foot was #&%@'ed cuz I'm just fat and lazy.   There's gotta be a better option than that!  I'm kind of glad he's retired, lol!

Today I went with Tom to walk dogs and got 2 hours of solid exercise in!  After the past few days of getting nothing in it felt good!  What a change from the summer!  I could barely do a half hour walk with him!  See?  My body is changing!  Even if I'm not really noticing it in the mirror yet!

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Onederland is just around the corner!

I stepped on the scale this morning and it said 219.2!  It just feels like I'm getting so close to the 100's!  My goal is to get there by the end of April when I go back to work.  I should get there, at least on my home scale.  That's 20 lbs in 12 weeks... 1.6 lbs a week and I'm averaging 1.9 lbs per week...

I feel that I need to hit that milestone to keep me going!  My workplace is awesome, but patients bring in junk all the time, not to mention our office is INSIDE the local Superstore (grocerystore)!

The last time I was on Weight Watcher's I started in that office about 3 months later and the weight loss stopped at 215 lbs.  And then crept up to 230 lbs in a few months to be the heaviest I'd ever been at that point.

I know things will be fine, but I am worried a little that I'll falter!

Nevertheless, I'm bolstered by seeing that on the scale this morning!  Yay me!  32 lbs down in 16.5 weeks!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012