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Where the hell is my motivation??? July 23, 2013

Weigh in was tonight, and I did lose.  0.8 lbs.  Even though, every other meal I’m making not so great choices.  These last few pounds are going to take FOREVER!
I really need to just do it.  I know I keep saying that, but summer…ya know???
I’m faithfully killing it at the gym 3 days a week, and walking when I can, but my diet has much to be desired.  Last week I was over my points by twenty-nine points!!!  At least half of that was in ice cream.
Now why can’t I just avoid everything like I did in the first few months of my weight loss journey?  I could say no to anything!  Now, not so much.
I think I’m giving myself permission because of workouts, or, I want to enjoy my summer (p.s. I’m not enjoying my summer fighting these weight fluctuations!).  That and I’m much more comfortable in my skin.  One of my weight watchers buddies suggested maybe I’m at the weight my body wants to be at and that’s why I’m not losing, yeah, I could say that, but no, when I eat well, I lose, easily.  When I eat crap, my weight goes up.  I’ve been up and downing for the past 2 months.  And am nowhere further ahead.
Every time you see a peak, I’ve made the decision to stop the crap and eat well.  For a few days.  then I do it all over again.  Since June 11th, if you add up all of my losses, I’ve lost over FIFTEEN POUNDS!  That tells me I can do it.  I just have to stop the gaining in between.
So. (Here I go again) I told my husband, that when I reach goal, I want to go to Niagara falls and have dinner at Brasa.  Something that we wouldn’t normally do, and we both really enjoy.  So I have to be really good between now and then, be careful with my treats, eat well when we’re out, make sure I’m drinking my water and continue my weight training and walking.
I’m going to start posting my food diary and activity on here again, even if that’s the only thing I post (and it might be the day after, I’m a busy girl you know), that really helped me get back on track in the fall, before my laptop quit.
I can give myself a little leeway when I’ve reached goal.  Really, It’s not that far away!!!
Here’s today’s tracker!

PointsPlus™ Tracker entries
Tuesday, July 23, 2013
17  nut(s) almonds
1  medium banana(s)
1  cup(s) cooked oatmeal
1  small fresh apple(s)
165  gm 2% reduced fat cottage cheese
1  serving(s) oikos fat free Greek yogurt
1  serving(s) kashi dark chocolate cherry bars
2  small peach(es)
1  serving(s) mini granola bar
4  oz cooked lean boneless pork chop
2  cup(s) cooked broccoli
1/2 cup mushroom rice
1  medium banana(s)
1  serving(s) pudding
Food PointsPlus values total used28
Food PointsPlus values remaining0
pedometer – Activity I created
Activity PointsPlus values earned5

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