Saturday, April 5, 2014

3 days on plan. July 4, 2013

Since my bingeful weekend I’ve been doing pretty well.
My weight is back down after that gain, and I think with a homebound weekend, I’ll be able to get it down further by weigh in!  Such a pity I weighed in at the peak and gained 4 pounds, but wouldn’t it be awesome to net a 5 or 6 pound loss???  Even though I’m just earning back pounds I’d already lost, I’m already excited about my weight watchers meeting on Tuesday!  We’ll see what happens though, that’s still 5 days away!
I’m having a great time at the gym, liking doing it on my lunches.  It’s nice to have a planned time to do it, where home life responsibilities can’t steal it.  I just wish I had more than an hour!!!

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