Saturday, April 5, 2014

First day back at work, 19 days post op. May 21, 2013

I’m a Nurse, but I work in a doctors office and don’t do any lifting really at all. So just short of 3 weeks off should be fine. Well today was my first day back and it totally knocked the wind out of me! I was so exhausted by about 2:30 I could barely concentrate on anything and the bouncing boobs as I walked up and down the office hallway countless number of times were so uncomfortable and swollen rock hard by the end of the day! I even broke down and took pain meds! Just when I think I’m fine and can do anything, my body tells me I need more recovery time. I’m still going to work tomorrow, but I need to find a way to lighten my load!
Weigh in was tonight. I was down 0.4 pounds. Great! Not the 7+ pounds I was hoping for, but I’ll take it! With the swelling going on I’m surprised I had a loss to be honest!
One of the hardest things I didn’t expect to be struggling with, on top of trying to get on track after 2 weeks of totally off track I’m now finding myself alone in the evenings more and am getting snacky! I never realized how much of an anchor Tom is. I usually snack at night, but a piece of fruit and sometimes a pudding and I’m satisfied. Lately with him not home in the evenings I get so munchy! I’m eating more than I normally do, still trying to make good choices, but even 3 servings of fruit at bedtime can slow weight loss. I’ve been making myself a David’s tea most evenings and it is helping avoid the binge. I think my body is needing the extra calories to heal. I packed a sensible lunch and had it all finished by 1:00 pm. I was ready to faint by the time I got home from WW’s around 7:00! I think I need to be better prepared with food, and not try to make my body diet when it shouldn’t be. I should be listening to my hunger signs and eat when my body wants it.
I’ve been getting more anxious with summer coming and being so much further away from goal than I was a couple of weeks ago. I need to let nature take its course and accept that I will hit goal. I really need to stop putting a time limit on myself! I’ll be at goal when my body is damn well ready to be there!

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