Saturday, April 5, 2014

Happy birthday to me! Jan 19, 2014

I turned 35 today. Don’t know when that happened, aren’t I 25?
Well, I may be old(er), but I’m certainly in much better shape (and place!) than I was at 25! At 25 I was going to Dr Bernstein trying to lose weight, lost 40 pounds then gained it back again plus more! I was working two Nursing jobs in two different cities, working out here and there, but wasn’t able to do 5 minutes on the lowest resistance on an elliptical machine (only crazy people use those!). Now I can do a full hills workout, incline and resistance at 12 for a full 30 minutes on an elliptical (great cardio workout btw). And I’ve lost 89 pounds, keeping 80 of it off for the past year! With proper diet and exercise. No quick fix, no miracle pills, just good ole blood, sweat, tears, patience, determination and faith!
The past couple of weeks since my last post have been busy! I’ve been really good, exercising when I can, taking life and stress in stride, my pelvis has been acting up since I slipped on the ice just after Christmas, but it’s nothing I can’t handle. We also have a new little light in our life!
Meet Bruno! He’s our 9 week old Shar Pei Bulldog mix puppy!
He’s so sweet and smart!
I’ve been doing well weight loss wise too. On New Year’s Day I weighed in at 176.5, yesterday I weighed in at 170.5! I’ve had a few treats yesterday and today, but tomorrow I’m back on the straight and narrow and hopefully will fall under 170 (and stay there) for the first time since the summer!
I’m really feeling like I’m back on the train and back losing.

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