Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Post op weigh in

I did it. I weighed in tonight. And I'm up 7 pounds.

I'm not "counting" it, as a lot of it is still swelling and fluid retention. It was a nice reset now. And I can look forward to a good weigh in next week.

I'm on plan now and will be for a while as I want to get this off quick!  Lots of protein, water, low salt, I think I can have most of it off in 2-3 weeks. By then I should be able to get really exercising again, then I can work on the last 5 pounds before goal!  Woo hoo!

Monday, May 13, 2013

Happy Mother's Day!

I had a fantastic mothers day yesterday! My husband isn't the most romantic man in the world, and it wouldn't be fair to expect that of him. So I've learned to be happy on Mother's Day, my birthday, our anniversary etc. He remembers it, plans for it, follows the "rules" (Mama pee's alone, doesn't change diapers or do housework) and usually surprises me somehow. I love him so much for his efforts!  I really don't want to be the wife who get disappointed by expecting over the top confessions of love, showers of presents, rooms full of flowers, that's just not Tom. And I'm glad he's not that. He spoils me in his own way :). Usually there are presents, but this year with him in school, me off on short term disability right now, there were no presents (previously decided). 

This year, this is how it went. 

I woke up ungodly early for a sunday as per my usual, around 7:30 had a shower, did my hair and got our 2 year old out of bed as she's a morning person too. We hung out, had oatmeal, almonds and apple slices and watched Disney Junior until the 4 year old woke up, around 9:30. We decided to wake Daddo up at 10:10. The girls gave me handmade cards and a huge hug and kiss!

I'm such a lucky Mama!

We got dressed and all went to the local diner for a big, protein filled breakfast!  I got a beautiful rose from them!  The other one was from my thoughtful sister in law Courtney :). Thanks sis!

We then took Toms grandmother and the girls over to go visit my mom in Continuing Care. She was so happy for the visit!  Then we stopped in and dropped Grandma off at Toms moms house. We then went for a drive house dreaming and future planning!  The girls were great in the car for the entire 5.5 hour car ride!  

On our travels, we stopped at Crawford's bakery for Coconut cream pie!  Crawford's pie is 10/10. And I only have it a few times a year!  So bad!  But so good!

We ended the day with Calzones and veal Parmesan from a local pizza joint, I had a glass of wine and we watched the Toronto Maple Leafs even it up in game 6 of the Stanley Cup play off semi finals!  GO LEAFS GO! (I'm so glad they won!  It would have been unfair to have a cranky husband on Mother's Day!). We then had some much needed Mama/Daddo time ;)

Such a great day!  Too much food, but whatever, it was Mother's Day. 

Happy Mother's Day to all of my Mama readers!!!

Excuses excuses

Well I'm 11 days post breast reduction today and starting to feel a little more normal!  I still have pain, but it's more like I got a bad sunburn in a couple of very unfortunate locations!  Remind me never to sunbathe upside down in the nude!!!

I've not been on plan at all really in the last couple of weeks. I'm eating everything under the sun, binging really, and using swelling as the excuse for the number on the scale. Yes I'm still retaining water from the surgery, there is still some obvious swelling and this will take weeks to go away, but the number drops, then I have a binge full day and it creeps up again. So it's more the crap I've been eating!

The lowest point was my last weigh in day, at home that morning I weighed 162.6. By urns day just before surgery I had gotten that number (by pre surgery binge) up to 163.9. The day of surgery I had been pumped full of fluid and the swelling had started, I weighed in the next day at 169.3!  Even after the had taken more than 2 pounds of skin and tissue off of my breasts!  As you can see over the next week, the number would drop, then I'd binge and it would go back up again, definitely not swelling causing that!

Now that I'm feeling better and knowing that life is starting to return to normal, I'm feeling the pressure to start working on my weight loss again. Weigh in day is tomorrow. My plan was to miss 2 weigh ins then weigh in 2.5 weeks post op. I'm toying with the idea of weighing in tomorrow anyways.  More for the reset than anything.  I really don't want to see a 4-6 pound gaining the books though, but I need to face the music. I'm definitely going to the meeting, maybe that'll be the reset I need.  I really don't want to see the next week as a free for all.  So maybe I'll talk to our leader and see what she says.

On the weigh watchers Canada website, I'm part of a mediate board called "100+ pounds to lose". The people on this message board have been a huge support to me in this journey!  On there I lead a daily thread called "100 days of tracking". Except the past 2 weeks someone else has been doing my job while I sit home and "eat to heal". Today I started the thread and promised to start tracking.

100 days from now will take me to August 20th. If I want to reach lifetime by August 20th, I need to reach my goal by July 9th. That would give me 8 weeks from now to lose all of the water weight, water retention for not eating well, and the last few pounds of stubborn fat. I think I can do it!

Ok I've talked myself into getting back on the bandwagon. I love how I can talk to myself then call it a blog post, lol!

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Post op appointment

Day 6. Doctors appointment today for follow up. The tapes came off!  Quickly. With some scabs attached. I had a quick peek at some really thin, well healing incisions!  Then the tape went back on. I have significant bruising below my breasts on my rib cage, the doctor said more than I should have, but that he's not concerned about it. I however, find it uncomfortable to have a sports bra resting on the bruising. So Walmart stretchy sleep bras it is!  

I did a quick trip to a thrift store to get a couple of tops. I have no summer clothes!  I was excited that everything fit and all of the options that are now open to me!  I only got to try on a couple of things before I started to get sore. I really can't wait to get healed and get shopping!  I'll post pictures of my finds when I'm comfortable enough to do a fashion show!

I'm still quite swollen, under my breasts and under my arms are the worst. Strangely my breasts aren't as swollen as the rest of me. I'm still up about 5 pounds (or 7 when you count what was removed surgically). Hopefully that'll go down in the next week or so, then I'll be more comfortable!  I did not weigh in today, for obvious reasons. Hopefully I'll be feeling better next week and can go to the meeting if nothing else. I feel quite removed from the whole weight loss and weight watchers thing!  I'm looking forward to getting back into the weight loss groove!

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Bored and braless

I'm really not made for laying around!

I'm catching up on a lot of shows I never get to watch, but laying in bed is doing me in!

I am now bandage less!  This poses a problem though, none of the sports bras I own are anywhere near comfortable!  The elastic on the bottom of the bras rub on my under boob incisions. Not fun!  Looks like some bra shopping is in my future :)

This one is most comfortable, but it still puts pressure on my incisions. I guess it's bearable though.

Nice to see I'm still boobalicious :)

Friday, May 3, 2013

Before and after

I won't be posting any nudie pics on here, but here's a bit of a before and after from yesterday!

Well I survived!

And holy hell they're tiny!  I'm covered in gauze and tensor bandages, but I've been able to sneak a peak.  Itty bitty!  That's for sure!

I'm uncomfortable, but not in real pain.  The worst past is the tight tensor around my chest and the gauze that has hardened with blood and putting pressure on my ribs.  Hopefully I'll be able to get the dressings changed when Tom comes home from work tonight.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Last day with the "girls"

Weigh in yesterday netted me another 1.4 pound loss!  for a total of 89 pounds lost!  yowza!

Less than 12 hours to go until my breast reduction surgery!  I'm nervous and excited. Excited for many many reasons, mostly clothing related :P. Nervous mainly for how my kids are going to react to me being "sick", nervous about how my youngest will take not being able to climb all over me like she does. I'm thinking I'm going to have to just keep a big pillow over my chest just in case. How the hell do you keep a 2 year old off your lap!

I got a really good cuddle in with Zaryah tonight, with a huge long cuddle/hug before I laid her in her crib and it made me sad that I won't get that cuddle for a few weeks :'(. I hope she doesn't take it hard!

He he. When I was getting ready to leave work, the girls at the front desk asked me for updates tomorrow to let them know I survived surgery :). One of our older "oblivious to the goings on" doctors happened to walk into the conversation and asked what surgery I was having. I told him I was having a breast reduction and he nearly choked on his popcorn and said "I'm sorry to hear that!"  Lol!

Ooh ooh!  A big NSV!  I have NO summer stuff, nada, nothing. It was a nice warm day yesterday so I went to Walmart and tried on some Capri pants!  You'll never guess what fit!  They zipped right up!

I had to take a picture so you'd believe me, lol!  I hardly believe it myself!  Size 8' $16 is the price!

Since its the eve of my surgery, I thought I'd leave you with a few pics of the girls!  I'll post comparisons when I'm able and I'll keep you posted on how I'm doing!

My running, less bounce, option. 3 bras!!!  And I still end up with black eyes!

My "pretty" bra. Popping out of a 36 F!

Date night with the girls on display

Date night with "neck cleavage". Sexy!