Saturday, April 5, 2014

Catch up. And BIG NEWS! October 28, 2013

Sorry I’ve been MIA, my 6 week challenge went out the window too.  After being so good over thanksgiving weekends and the funeral I ended up gaining instead of losing.  This sent me to almost quitting weight watchers altogether!  Hubby talked me out of it thankfully.
He made me realize that I am a success.  I need to remember that I’ve lost over 80 pounds and have kept them off for almost a year now.  The fact that I’m pretty much the same weight that I was 10 months ago shouldn’t be my undoing, it should be my confirmation that this is where I’m supposed to be right now.  He suggested I just make my current weight my goal weight at Weight Watchers and just maintain where I am (couldn’t be hard, I’m already doing it).
I think I just needed someone to tell me that!  I got the all important doctors note (after having tried for two months since the last one to lose 5 pounds and failing) and gave it to my Weight Watchers leader last Tuesday.  She was totally supportive and as of Tuesday October the 22nd, 2013, I’m officially at goal and on maintenance!
My sister brought me flowers, beautiful purple carnations, and I got to tell my story at the meeting, promising a before pic and the token before pants:P
It was very spur of the moment, and took me a few days to process what I’ve done.  After two years of actively trying to lose, it’s so weird to just wake up one day and not have to really worry about that scale going down!
Now almost a week later (and finding a smoking BETTER dress for my sisters wedding) I’m happy, on plan and excited about this next challenge!
Pardon the aweful colour… it’s going to be hunter green :)
I’m going to be a bit sporadic blogging for the next while, I need to find my new niche :)

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