Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Walking again

I finally walked to work!  It's been probably since November that I've been able to walk to work. Mostly the weather, then the mojo, then illness or injury...  But today, the weather is beautiful, my ankle is behaving and I feel like a million bucks!

It felt great!  I also took advantage of a nice day and went for a walk on my lunch.  I'm still not back to the gym yet, maybe next week.  I'm kind of struggling with something.  I'm having a procedure done on May first that will stop me actively working out for a couple of weeks, do I go to the gym then stop?  Or do I wait until after I'm healed ten go back?  I'm thinking I can probably still walk after surgery, but I can do that outside, i don't need the gym for that...

Part of me is worried that I'll start gaining again...

Last April I waited the month after my breast reduction to start at the gym.  I consistently gained from then until now...  I'm finally losing.  I really don't want to upset my new found mojo.  I'm thinking maybe I'll put my membership on hold through the summer and just exercise outside?  I know I'll need the gym come the fall when the weather gets bad.  I haven't decided yet...

So interesting factoid!

I know I said I wasn't going to compare measurements to my last ones, but I did anyways.

Studies show that stress causes an increase in the hormone Cortisol, which deposits fat around your waist.  Funny thing, my legs, arms and bust are the same measurement they were a year ago when I was at my lowest.  Only my waist, stomach and hips have increased, 8 inches in total!

I didn't put much thought into that, I was under a lot of stress the past few months, but holy cow!  Thank goodness my stress levels have dropped considerably!

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