Saturday, April 5, 2014

Starting over. For real this time.

So Wordpress didn't work out for me, so here I am back again in my comfy spot!  I uploaded all of my posts from there so you can catch up if you didn't follow me there.

Since I posted on my birthday, I've gained 12 pounds. I have many excuses, but really, does it matter?  It was me that ate, it was me that stopped going to the gym, I have no one to blame but myself.

Ok, no more bad talk.  What's done is done..

Hubby and I have made a lot of changes lately. The biggest one is we are no longer caregivers to my mom (She's well taken care of, don't worry!) and we've moved into our own house!

I'm taking stress a little better than I was (a big motivator to moving).  Not to mention life has calmed down a lot in the past few weeks!

On Monday the 31st, as I'd planned before the move, I started over. I weighed in that morning at 182.4 lbs. a full 20 pounds from my lowest only 11 months ago.  My heart just wasn't in it. Half way through gaining I decided to change my goal weight to what I was at at that point (172.5 lbs) figuring just lifting the stress of losing would change things. It didn't.  I couldn't keep the weight off after reaching lifetime at Weight Watchers and I haven't been back. I reached lifetime almost 4 months ago. 

I feel like a cop out and really not wanting to get to my original goal is just plain laziness!

So with all of these fresh starts in life, I'm starting fresh in weight watchers. I'm going back to active losing and I'm going to aim for my original goal weight.  145 lbs.  so in total I have 37.4 pounds to lose. 

Since Monday I've been on plan and motivated.  As of yesterday I've lost 3.2 pounds!

I made a ticker on and put a screen shot of it on my home screen on my phone. So every time I look at my phone, it reminds me of my progress!

In a couple of weeks I'm going back to weight watchers meetings.  I need the support and my two sisters that I left behind need my support too. 

No more excuses!

As soon as I find my tape measure I'm going to take my beginning measurements and a before photo!

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