Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Yay! I did it!!!

I did 6 weeks of maintenance!  Except, that wasn't the plan.  I still have 27.2 pounds to lose.  But I did maintain my weight!  For the past 6 weeks my weight has stayed within 0.8 lbs.  I'm really getting tired of seeing 173 lbs!  Now if only I was really at goal and was maintaining, then this would have been a big thing!  Surviving maintenance at Christmas!

If I were really on maintenance I'd be really damn proud at how straight that line is!

Today I weighed in at 173.2.  I lost 0.4 pounds this week.  I don't really know how I did that after the weekend I had, but I'll take it!

So besides this weekend's birthday events, my goal is to break through the 173.0 barrier.  I do not want to see 173 pounds on the scale next week!  My next real goal is to FINALLY GET THAT BLASTED 75 POUND MEDAL!  It'll be a challenge to lose that 0.8 lbs this week, 2 lunches out with work, a buffet on my birthday Saturday (Tucker's Marketplace must be enjoyed on one's birthday!  I only do this once a year, I'm enjoying it!).  I'm going to avoid the alcohol this weekend, it seems to make me retain water like crazy!

My plan is to be super-conscious of what I'm eating all week and eat well at the restaurants.  At the buffet on Saturday I'm going to track everything, still have my fill of their yummy desserts (my favourite part) but eat sensibly.  Start with a salad, avoid filling my plate on just anything and drink lots of water.  I'm also going to save my weekly points for saturday dinner.  I should do ok.  \

Once my birthday is over I'm really going to do this.  I'm going to really hammer down and lose some weight.  I've got 27.2 pounds to go to reach my goal, about as close as I've ever been and at this rate it'll take me forever!

I don't like leaving so many extra points unused, but my stomach is just rolling tonight!  Not feeling well so not eating at bedtime :(

PointsPlus™ Tracker entries

Tuesday, January 15, 2013
1  medium orange(s)
1  serving(s) cheese string
3  oz cooked lean boneless pork chop
1/3 medium English cucumber(s)
1  serving(s) heluva good dip
1  rice and mushroom soup
2  cup(s) mixed greens
1/3 serving(s) tostitos
1  serving(s) hidden valley ranch
1  serving(s) sour cream 5%
1  Crockpot chicken quesadillas
No entries for this meal time.
Food PointsPlus values total used25
Food PointsPlus values remaining4

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