Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Pushing pushing pushing

Maybe it's the mild weather, making me think spring is right around the corner, or Physio saying I should be back to running shortly, or the fact that I'm back on the downward spiral of weight loss (yeah!).  But I'm thinking about the finish line again!  I really want to hit goal by the summer.  I DO NOT want to buy another summer wardrobe that'll only go to good will in the fall!  I won't do it!

So I'm on my game.  I'm going to try and get out walking on nice days, hopefully to make the exercise a habit that I can continue when I'm allowed to run again.

Tomorrow is payday and I'm taking off work early to do grocery shopping and stock us up on healthy food. I'm continuing to menu plan, keeps the chaos at bay I think!

I really want this.  I know it's in my power to do this.  The half-assing has to end!

There are 21 weigh in's before July 1st.  That's about 1.2 pounds a week.  A challenge at this point, but it's possible.  I can do it.

I'm going to start measuring my lean body mass and fat mass as well.  Hopefully I'll see more changes that way and will stay centred.

Well, my laptop decided to die on me before I could get this blog finished!  So I'll end it here because  I really can't do this from my phone!!!

I had lunch today with a drug rep, I'll talk about that tomorrow!


  1. I believe you CAN do it! Good luck! You're doing so awesome. :)
    I read yesterday's post from my phone yesterday and couldn't get logged in to comment; anyway, just wanted to say that I hope you guys find your husband's ring.

  2. I know you can do it!! You rock, I'm 100% with you!!

    Have a good week!