Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Sick day

I stayed home from work today because of my sinus cold.  I'm glad I told work yesterday that I wouldn't be in to day because I slept in until 8:00!!!  Doesn't sound early, but I went to bed an hour earlier than I usually do, and woke up 2 hours later than I normally do, so instead of 8 hours of sleep, I got 11!  After the past few nights of restless sleep, waking every time one of the girls coughs, thinking their going to wake up, I really needed a good solid nights sleep!

Tom didn't go to school today because we were snowed in.  He has to drive an hour on a good day and judging by the foot of wet snow outside, it would have taken him forever!

Even though I was sick, I couldn't let Tom shovel the whole driveway himself, so we packed up the kids and all went outside to help.  The neighbour across the street god sick of the heavy wet snow and borrowed a tractor from someone, lol!  

The girls had fun, but the snow was so deep they had a hard time moving around.  I took the time to show them how to do snow angels!  Is been probably 20 years since I've done one of those!

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