Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Missed it by thaaat much!

My next goak that is!  I missed it by 0.1 pound!  My current goal is to hit 169.9 and be out of the 170's.  I stepped on the scale at weigh in tonight and was 170.0.  Seriously!  the moment wasn't wasted though!  I'm down 1.8!  For a total of 83.4 lbs lost!

I can't help but count down :P  Only 24 pounds to goal, 16.6 lbs until I hit 100 pounds lost!  Holy crap!  I'm on my game right now!  The fact that 100 pounds is that close has really got me thinking and dreaming.  I want to get there soon!

Which brings me to the activity challenge with my sisters.  I'm in the lead!

With the ice around here I haven't run since last week.  Hopefully I'll be able to get out tomorrow or Thursday.  I'm supposed to be going slow, but I'm itching to really get moving!  Settling for walking and some at home body weight exercises.  My plank is at 35 seconds and I'll be raising that to 40 seconds in the next few days!


As most people know these days now, today is Pancake Tuesday!  Even though I'm not a practicing catholic and don't participate in lent, I certainly do mark this day with pancakes!  (and bacon, can't forget the bacon)

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  1. I love finding new blogs with people with similar goals. You're so close to getting to that goal, you'll get there. :)