Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Another man down!

Yup. I'm sick. I'm currently carrying 10 pound bowling balls around in my sinuses and my throat is sore and dry, I'm drinking enough water to drown a fish!

So again my workout is put off, and my "scheduled run" will be delayed tomorrow because of another ill-timed snow storm!

It was weigh in today. I just weighed in, didn't stay for the meeting.  It was anybody's guess how weigh in was going to go, I wasn't expecting much as I'd stayed the same on the home scale this week, but at work today, I had quite a lot of talking to do and was chugging water like crazy, about 6 litres.  I curbed the drinking for an hour before weigh in, so I wasn't surprised when the scale said I was up 1.4 lbs.

I was curious when I got home and stepped on the scale after dinner, I was only up half a pound from this morning, so I'm guessing the water was the culprit for the weight gain and as long as I'm good this week, I'll have a good solid loss next week!

I'm sorry this post isn't well written, I'm exhausted and medicated!  Time for bed!

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