Wednesday, February 20, 2013


Today while at work, I brought a patient in, weighed her, chit chatted a little as we walked down to my office.  We went into the room and as I sat down, she came up to me and said "You are Eva, right?".  I said yes, she said I look so different from the last time she saw me that she couldn't be sure that it was me!  Now this woman has been a patient for 3 years and we've met several times.  It's been a few months, but wow!  I didn't think I'd be unrecognizable!  That totally made my day!  I told her I was taking that as a compliment, lol!

I must have looked great today because a couple of other patients noticed my weight loss today!

I definitely looked youthful with my princess lunchbox, lol!

I misplaced my own lunchbox over my 4 day weekend (it was in the playroom, full of miscellaneous things) so I had to improvise :). It held quite a bit!

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  1. That is one nifty lunchbox!

    And congrats on being unrecognizable!