Sunday, February 17, 2013

T-minus 2 days

I'm getting excited and nervous to meet the surgeon.

I'm excited to see what he says, excited to know when the surgery will be, nervous that he'll say he can't do anything for me, that OHIP won't cover it, nervous that I'm still too fat, or that I've lost too much and now won't qualify.  I'm nervous that I'd still be a candidate but that surgery won't be booked for months and months, or that I need to come back for another visit before he'll book anything.  Pretty much I'm nervous about anything happening that would mean I'm not having a Breast reduction.

Since I decided to have one, its all I can think about. Every time I look at myself, it's the huge saggy tits that I see. I just want them gone!  I want to be able to buy cheap bras from Walmart. I want to be able to run without an underwire bra, 2 super duty sports bras, tank top with a shelf bra, duct tape and whatever else to hold them still!

I want to be able to buy clothes that fit, button up tops that don't gape, pretty page tops that don't just hang off my boobs making the rest of me look bigger, I want to be able to wear v neck tops without showing x rated cleavage.  I want to be able to wear lingerie, I've never been able to wear lingerie, even when I was skinny, I couldn't find ones that fit my boobs.

I know it'll all be fine. I'll have no trouble getting it covered and I'll most likely have surgery in late spring/ early summer. I'm just nervous!  I want this so bad!

I'm going to ask his opinion on skin removal surgery as well...  That's also making me nervous...  I reall hope he's talkative and approachable. I've heard good things about him and have high hopes!

2 more sleeps!

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  1. I had one done quickly! I met the surgeon in November and had a date of January but I decided on March. It has been almost four years and I still low buying $7 bras from Walmart! Good luck and let me know if you have any questions!