Friday, February 8, 2013

Has weight watchers changed your life?

I was on the weight watchers message boards yesterday and saw an ad on the side that said "Has Weight Watchers changed your life?  Share your success story!"  It's really given me a kick in the butt! I really want to share my success story!

So here's how Weight Watchers has changed my life so far :)

Weight watchers has changed my life incredibly!  I run up the stairs because my body wants to, I skip up curbs, run because I want to, look forward to shovelling, my bp is better, I'm no longer staring down diabetes, My chronic pain is almost gone, my hair, skin, nails are healthy, I sleep better, I don't snore anymore, people think I'm a kid when I'm 34 (this is my favourite one:) People don't stare at me when I run, I have 10 other people who have signed up with weight watchers because I've inspired them (including my boss!) I feel normal.  I can play with my kids, I join in instead of sitting on the sidelines.  And so much more!!!

Here's another way Weight Watchers has changed my life...

Holy crap!  Can't be afraid to show my licence now!

So we got snowed in.  I'm a Nurse and really, I live 3 blocks away from work, so I went.  I shovelled the driveway again...

Then I walked to work...  I had to trudge through foot deep snow for 20 mins.  Bt the time I got to work I was totally spent!  That was the hardest workout I've had to date!  Honestly!  

It was so cold that I ended up getting hives all over my legs!

Thankfully my office is in the Superstore and I was able to buy a pair of dry pants and socks.  It was really casual friday!  I bought sweatpants!  They were cheap!

My hubby surprised me, in true impatient Tom fashion, he gave me my Valentine's Day present a week early!  A new iPad Mini!!!  My laptop is dying and have been making due, so he surprised me at work when he came to pick me up!  He's so awesome!

Here's a pic of me blogging tonight!  It's going to take some getting used to, but it'll be easy once I get the hang of it,  took me 2 hours to get to this point!!!

I'm leading so far in the activity challenge!  Thanks to shovelling and my hairy walk to work!  

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