Saturday, February 16, 2013

Valentina's Day 2012 vs 2013

Last night was date night!  Hence the lack of post!

We went to Red Lobster, then to the movies to see Django unchained.

At red lobster I did really well!  Usually we would order calamari and split that, then we'd both get the Ultimate Feast, Tom and I would trade, he'd take both lobster tails (his favorite), I'd take both crab legs (my favorite). It would be served with garlic shrimp and a bunch of fried shrimp, rice, veggies and a baked potato. It would also get cheddar bay biscuits and a salad. A ton of food!

Yesterday I ordered something different!  Lobster stuffed tilapia!

No idea on the points, so I guesstimated :) (not my picture)

We did get the calamari, but it wasn't very good, they changed the recipe. So I didn't eat much of it. I did have one cheddar bay biscuit and a garden salad, but I probably used about a third of the points as I usually would have!  

Tom took another picture of me across the table, just as he did on Valentine's day a year ago.

I cried. When I put the two pictures side by side!  I can't believe that that's me!  Either of them!  I'm just so proud of myself for losing the weight!  Excuse the boobs...

Speaking of though, here's the view from my perspective. With a view like this, no wonder I'm getting a reduction!  I'm just not a boob girl!