Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Weigh in Today

What a good surprise!  I needed it after the events of the past week!  I was down 3.4 pounds tonight!  For a new total of 77.2 pounds lost!  I smoked by my goal of 75 pounds down!  I'm very close to hitting that 75 pounds lost at meetings too!  (Remember I started Weight Watchers online and lost 6 pounds before going to meetings). Only 3.8 pounds until I meet that milestone and get my 75 pound medal!  The leader was teasing me with it at the meeting today!

I also hit 30% body weight lost too!

My back is sore and I need to go to bed to rest my poor body :(  Seems like I'm a little worse off everyday since the accident.  I can still function fine, and I don't really take much more than my usual Celebrex, but I'm in more pain than I usually am and it's just tiring me out!  Good night!


Oatmeal with brown sugar and cinnamon
12 almonds


Cheese string


2 ounces roast beef with a little gravy
3 mini potatoes


1/4 cup M&M's peanuts


I wasn't very hungry when I got home from Weight Watchers, so I made lunch for tomorrow and went and had a bath when the kids went to bed.  So I had...

1.5 servings triscuit thin crisps parmesan garlic
1.5 servings of low fat marble cheese cut thinly
1 pear

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