Monday, November 19, 2012

Time for another challenge!

I'm so disgusted with myself!

Since the wedding a week ago I've had a hard time sticking to plan.  This weekend When we went to the city I did ok at dinner, then ate nachos at the hockey game, a skinny peppermint mocha, a couple handfuls of popcorn, a few sips of Tom's Smirnoff Ice.  Then on Sunday, Lara and I made a cake.  I made it with egg whites, no oil, pointed it out, then proceeded to make full fat buttercream icing.  I covered the cake with the delicious buttercream icing.  I'm a sucker for cake, or any baked goods for that matter.  Then I cut myself a piece, then another piece, then another piece.  I managed to stop there and tracked it.  Then I ate dinner on top of that, not so point friendly butter chicken with rice, forgot the salad.  Oh, then I had a Lindor chocolate truffle!

This morning I had a healthy breakfast, then another helping of butter chicken, with a side of veggies, then 4 more truffles, came home with a dinner plan, started making it and proceeded to finish off the rest of the cake!  I was disgusted with myself, then thought, oh well, damage is done.

I skipped dinner because of the stomach ache from all of the sugar.  I immediately confessed my crime to my husband when he got home and he was disappointed (and I'm glad he was!) and said "Ugh right before weigh in!  What were you thinking?!".  I felt so horrible!

So I got the rest of dinner going and left my husband to finish it and feed the kiddies and I went for a walk.  I walked as fast as I could for 5km.

I did a lot of thinking about my eating habits this past couple of weeks and how in the first 4 months of doing weight watchers I was so diligent in avoiding sweets, treats and such like that.  I need to challenge myself to avoid crap like this again!  I was thinking of avoiding crap totally for the next 100 days, but that's unrealistic with Christmas, New Years, my birthday and my daughter's birthday in there.

So I'm challenging myself to disclose every treat I have on this blog.  Everyday.  So tomorrow, the start of a new week for me (my Weight Watcher's weigh in day) I'm going to write daily, even a short note, if I ate crap or not.  Hopefully it'll reset my habits again!

Please help keep me accountable!  


  1. Thanks for this post! It describe my days so fell!! I started out so well avoiding every kinds of treats. But now I just can't control myself! Yesterday was a disaster! Seriously it was bad. Therefor I have decided to challenge myself and not eat anything out of my diet before Christmas!
    I a sending you all my est thoughts!


  2. Good for you! I just wrote on Sunday about an awful weekend of eating things I knew I shouldn't. I was trying to figure out WHY I do this to myself and couldn't come up with an answer. We just have to keep going and try to do our best! Good luck with your tracking. :)