Friday, November 2, 2012

Binge or treat?

So I've been doing very well with Halloween all things considered.  My plan has been to count every treat and when my 49 extra points are gone, they're gone.  Sounds good.  Yesterday and the day before I had 2 fun size chocolate bars/m&m's.  Today I didn't bring any to work and did well food wise at work. The I came home and started making dinner.  The candy bag is on the dining table so I had a rifle through it.  While making dinner I had 6 fun size chocolate bars totalling 10 points!  I knew what I was doing with each one.  Toyed with the thought of spitting one of them out, the thought "To heck with it!"  and kept eating.  Then I felt bad, had a quick thought that of "Oh well, I'd just blown it, might as well keep binging!" followed by "No, this is part of the plan.  I've used up 18 of my WP's so far.  I haven't blown it."

It's weird how the brain works!  Yes I've had 6 chocolate bars today, but that's ok. It's halloween.  I can have more when I choose to and I don't have to feel guilty about it.  It's all part of the plan.

I think guilt has played a huge part in my weight gain over the years!  In just a few seconds my mind was playing tricks on me!

No more guilt trips self!  They don't help anyone!

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