Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Doctors appointment

I had a doctors appointment this morning for follow up after the accident this weekend. Apparently I did re-injure my pelvis and I have irritated the sciatic nerve on the other side. So she's sending be back to physio to get myself fixed up again.

I have 2 doctors, a husband and wife team and the wife hadn't seen me in a very long time, 4 or 5 months or more! He was so proud of me for losing so much weight and she actually said that she thinks most of my "belly issue" is that it's mostly skin and she thinks I should have skin removal surgery to fix it. My lower belly hangs quite a bit and is uncomfortable. I've obviously been looking into it already, but it was nice for her to be in agreement!

I told her that I hadn't heard from the plastic surgeon about my breast reduction yet and she said she'll look into it for me. She says I should be ready to have surgery by the spring. "Once I lose the last 20 pounds or so" in her words! Sounds funny hearing that since I had 100+ pounds to lose at one point!

So all in all it was a good appointment. I'm feeling a little sheepish going back to physio with another injury, lol! One of the docs I work with said they need to wrap me in bubble wrap so I stop getting hurt!

I was pretty exhausted by the end of the work day today, another headache, which my doctor said is caused by micro tears in my back muscles from the accident as opposed to a concussion (I didn't hit my head anyways). By the time I went home I was so tired all I could do was make the girls some grilled cheese sandwiches and lay down on the couch! Totally didn't make dinner, clean up, nothing!

My mum offered to buy dinner, Swiss Chalet chicken (one of our healthier go-to's) so Tom ordered that while I put the baby to bed. We got some good snuggles in and she actually fell asleep on my lap!

Good day food wise again :)


My usual oatmeal with brown sugar and cinnamon
12 almonds
2 clementines


Cheese string


Tuna Greek salad (in my recipes)


Oikos Greek yogurt


Swiss chalet

Chicken on half a kaiser
1/3 serving of their dipping sauce (super low points and so yummy!)
Steamed veggies
Salad with a little house dressing


2 clementines
Butterscotch pudding.

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