Sunday, November 18, 2012

A Happy weekend!

Sorry I've not posted in a few days, not a lot to write about I guess!

I gained 2.4 pounds this past weigh in after the wedding, not bad, I was expecting 4!  Well on the home scale I've lost all of that and more and should be looking at an awesome loss this coming weigh in!  Just look at my daily weights for the past week!  The wedding was on the 10th, WI was on Tuesday the 13th!

Yesterday we went to Toronto for the Toronto Furies Women's hockey game at the Air Canada Center!  It was a free game and my daughter Lara love Hockey, as does Daddo of course, so it wasn't much of a  stretch to decide to go!  We Brought my nephew Jordan with us as well.

We drove down and parked at the ACC and brought the stroller to carry stuff and kiddies and walked all over!  We first went to Starbucks so Lara could go to the bathroom, I got a skinny peppermint mocha and oh my gosh it was amazing!  Oh so good!!!  
We went to the Hockey Hall of Fame and Tom got to wander and look at stuff, we had our picture taken with the Stanley Cup!

We had lunch/supper at Marche and I had an omelette, nothing to drink.  The kids really enjoyed the pizza there!  It was much like the tortilla pizza I made at home, Lara actually ate half the pizza!  It wasn't a small one either!

At the game, my husband lined up to get an autograph from Johnny Bower, his childhood idol and got his jersey signed!  Jordan met Wendel Clark and had 2 of his brothers hockey cards signed as a surprise.

We did get treats at the game, popcorn and nachos.  I had some of both :)  Both kids did amazingly and we had no tantrums!  Even though they didn't get to bed until after 10 O'clock!

Today we had a lazy day, stayed in jammies for a long while then Lara and I made a cake (I ate more than I should have!).  Then we did some grocery shopping before dropping the girls off at my sisters.  We then turned the stuff in the shed around so the summer stuff was packed away and the snow blower, shovels and Christmas decorations were accessible.  Then we put up the Christmas lights!

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