Saturday, November 3, 2012

It didn't rain today!

I took full advantage and went for a run tonight!  I started out walking, I had planned a 5k route from home and back.  My hope is to walk/run it and eventually run more than walk it!  Today I walked almost to the halfway mark when I had to pee.  I was close to my brothers place, so I went there and borrowed their bathroom, stayed long enough to sing Happy Birthday to my sisters boyfriend, decline an offer of dessert and check to see how long the route home was (just long enough to finish the 5k).  I walked back to the main road again then I ran the whole way home!  A whole 1.5 km at once!

I'm really hoping my joints will behave themselves and I can keep this up!

I had an impromptu workout this morning at the McDonald's playland!  Tom had to do a quick thing for school out of town and we wanted to go to Ikea, so we tagged along and went to McDonald's to play in the playland while we waited.  For half an hour I climbed around in that playland!  Way up to the top to go down the slides a million times, hauling two teenie kiddies all the way up because they were too small to climb up most of the platforms.  Holy man I was sweating when we were done!

We had lots of fun!

Thank goodness for the exercise!  I didn't eat very well today again :(  I'm still tracking, still within my points, but tomorrow I'm back to making better choices!


  1. Great progress pics in your sidebar. I get so encouraged when I see people being successful. It shows me I can do it too.

    1. Thank you! I get most of my motivation from reading about others successes! That's why I started this blog, the responsibility of my success to motivate others keeps me going!

  2. Hey nice pics!!!!

    I know myself how hot it can get in those playgrounds :P

    Have a good week!