Thursday, November 1, 2012

Halloween Surprise!

Yesterday was halloween!  It was cold and drizzly, but we bundled up the kids and grabbed our umbrellas and went out!  We went in two stints.  One out with Lara's "boyfriend" Emmet.  He's a few months younger than her, but they're best friends!  Lara says that Emmet is going to marry her someday!  The other stint was in my sister's neighbourhood.  My nephew Nathan was Captain Jack Sparrow from Pirates of the Caribbean!  He was so cute!  I didn't get pictures over there though.

The girls had such a great time!  If we skipped a house, Zaryah would point and in her own language would say "I trick or treat that house!"  And Lara would thank the candy givers profusely and excitedly for each piece, so cute!

Emmet is the dragon, Lara is Spiderman (with pink boots so you know she's a girl) and Zaryah is the bumble bee!  They're way too cute!

I had a great Halloween surprise too!  On my home scale I'm out of the obese category!  I'm merely overweight now!  How awesome is that!  

What I used to be at over 250 lbs

What I was today!  

I remember looking forward imagining when I would be out of the obese category and how far away it seemed.  I can't believe I'm here already!  Only 28.2 pounds (OMG!) until I reach a normal BMI of 25!  At 145.6 lbs!  I can't wait!

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