Friday, November 23, 2012

Christmas shopping and date night!

Tom and I went out shopping today, not because it was Black Friday (apparently in Canada now too), but because babysitters were available! I tell ya, we are NEVER going to do shopping on Black Friday ever again!

We went to the Samko toy warehouse and that wasn't busy, we came out with some sweet deals! The only real Black Friday sale I wanted to attempt was at ricki's. they supposedly had a bunch of stuff in sale, but it wasn't worth making the trip. Tom dropped me off at the mall and went to get our movie tickets, but the parking lot was so busy he told me I had to walk from the mall to the movie theatre because he couldn't get near the mall again for the traffic!


My usual
Oatmeal with brown sugar and cinnamon
12 almonds

Greek yogurt


Chicken snack wrap from Tim Hortons

For dinner we went to red lobster!
I had one cheddar bay biscuit
Garden salad with blueberry vinaigrette
A couple of pieces of calamari
2 "pounds" of crab legs
11 garlic shrimp
2 fried shrimp
A bunch of steamed broccoli


15 m & m's peanuts
Approx 3 cups movie theatre popcorn
Diet coke

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