Thursday, November 29, 2012

Breast Reduction Update

I called the surgeon's office and got through right away.  Apparently they hadn't received any faxes from my doctor's office! (big surprise, my doctor's awesome, the staff there, not so much).  So the clerk on the phone was super accommodating and I faxed my own referral to her from my office and she got back to me right away.  I see the surgeon February 19th!

This is just one more step to a normal life.  A year ago I could have never even asked for it because I was obese.  By february I should be in the 160's (or lower) and no where near obese!  This is also the doctor who will probably do my skin removal surgery too, so I'm uber excited and motivated now more than ever to keep up the weight loss!

I'm feeling marginally better today, I have a headache still and my back is sore, but I'm a little better able to function.  I've been taking more Advil though, which I was just sort of muddling through without pain meds, and halfway through the day I was thinking of going back to my doctors again for meds, but I'm feeling a little better at the moment.  Yeah that was the large dose of Advil talking, lol!  I made dinner tonight (yeah!) and I'm done, lol!  It's early to bed for me of course, I'm most comfortable lying down.  I broke down and took some Robax Platinum :)

I've been good today again.  Today I've avoided: Pecan butter tarts, coconut tarts, Chocolate covered pretzels, pepermint/white chocolate covered pretzels...


Oatmeal with brown sugar and cinnamon
12 almonds




Egg salad sandwich
1/2 red pepper
1 serving Heluva good dip


Oikos greek yogurt


shrimp and snap pea stirfry



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