Monday, November 26, 2012

Long day at work!

Monday.  Again!  Holy crap how did that happen???

It was a long day for me.  My back isn't so great and sitting at a computer, turning to talk to patients and the constant up and down didn't feel good!  I was persuaded to make an appointment with my own family doctor and will see her Wednesday morning.  I've gotta say, I really have the best job and workplace ever!  I just missed 3 days a week ago because of an illness and my office manager doesn't even think to give me a hassle about more time off!  Mind you, I'm making the time up.

I did pretty well food wise today, I did have a coconut tart that was homemade by one of the girls that I work with and ate it and enjoyed it, then regretted it for a split second when I remembered how I promised full disclosure on this blog!  But I do need to live, AND I AVOIDED HOMEMADE SHORTBREAD.  So I'm still ahead of the game!

So our car is in the shop getting the once over for insurance.  I have to say, our insurance company has been awesome!  They've been really helpful and very willing to help with anything!  Of course, it's not THEIR company that has to pay for anything, lol!  It's obviously the responsibility of the other driver's insurance (who hasn't given us any hassle either!).

Oh I forgot!  before bed last night I had a second rice crispie square! :D

Weigh in is tomorrow!  I'm hoping to (finally) hit that 75 pounds lost milestone!  I'm 1.2 pounds away and it seems like I've been on the cusp forever!  Weight loss really slows down when you gain 2.4 pounds one week!  Geez!  Just recouping that is keeping me on the straight and narrow!!!


My usual
Oatmeal with brown sugar and cinnamon
12 almonds


cheese string


mini potatoes
lots of green beans


Oikos fat free cherry greek yogurt (I swear it's like icing!  So good!)
Coconut tart (It was small, mini cupcake pan sized)


Again!  Hubby cooked!  I don't think I want to know what he's making up for! :P

3 oz Roast beef
3 mini potatoes
An ounce of beef gravy
Caesar salad


An apple
a snack pack pudding (butterscotch!)

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