Saturday, April 28, 2012

Back to work! House still upside down :/

Our renovations are still in the works, drywall is going up and I finally have a ceiling! (We haven't had one in the family room since wiring issues almost 3 YEARS AGO!) My husband says I'll be waiting 3 years for walls!  I told him to keep working!  I cant wait until it's all done and we can relax!

Speaking of relaxing, I started back to work on Thursday after 16 months of being off!  It was busy, but I didn't have a toddler sitting on my foot while I ran around!  I miss my girls terribly, but I have a good job and I love being there.  Two of my co-workers have started Weight watchers as a result of me being successful!  Awesome!

My first day I had trouble getting all of my points in.  I didn't eat enough at breakfast, Missed my snack and ate only a salad with 3 oz of steak on top.  When I got home I still had more than half my points left over!  Yesterday was the opposite!  I ate too much breakfast and big snack then too much for lunch and ended up using 3 extra weekly points!  Crap!

I know I'll get it eventually, lol!  Thankfully the office only goes out to eat if there is a birthday to celebrate, so I don't need to be concerned with restaurant eating every week!

The next hurtle now is Tom going to school this coming week.  I'll be solely responsible to get the girls to daycare everyday and I know I'm not going to physically have enough time to do all of this on Tuesdays and Thursdays when I go to the gym before work.  This is going to totally suck!

Here's hoping it all goes smoothly!

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