Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Well it's been a fun ride... 28 weeks down!

After being a stay at home Mom for the past 16 months I'm back to work tomorrow.  It's going to be a huge adjustment for all of us, my husband is also starting school, on Monday!  So the girls will be in daycare full time, cold turkey.  Granted they are going to our best friends, who have a son in between the girls ages whom they both love to play with, but it's still way outside of routine!  I'm worried about the baby and her naps, she's not great at napping anywhere beside her crib.  I know she'll adjust, but it's going to be a rough few days for all involved.

I'm also worried about starting work from a diet standpoint.  I won't be able to eat when I'm used to, there will be a lot of temptations, food everywhere in the office, and our office is inside the grocery store!!!!  The last time I did weight watchers, I started working in this office and it was a downward spiral off the wagon and I quit weight watchers and gained even more weight than I had lost!

I'll be taking leftovers even though Thursdays are our typical lunch out at some local restaurant, I just want to be prepared for either scenario.  Lots of snacks, a smoothie, my water bottle.

I'm so stressed about this.  I know I'll be fine, the girls will be fine, everyone will adjust and I need to stop thinking about it all!  I'm 5.4 pounds away from losing 50 lbs and so close to Onederland!  I don't want to F#@k it up now!

Yesterday I went to an earlier Weight Watchers meeting as my husband had school orientation for us to go to in the evening.  Obviously I couldn't go to my regular 6 O'clock meeting.  I brought my 3 year old daughter Lara with me.  I was down 1.4 pounds!  for a total loss of 44.4 pounds.  What a huge number eh?  I'm so proud of that :D.  Lara was an angel as usual and had everyone gushing about how cute she is, as usual.  She's so teeny but so smart!  It was adorable!  At one point she got off of her chair and said "Mama, may I go look at the whole world?"  Referring to the wall of windows and great view from our meeting room :)  Man she had all of those ladies swooning!

Well I'm going to go have lunch, fold more laundry, walk up to walmart and clean the kitchen :)

Ta ta!

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