Thursday, April 5, 2012

Zaryah is one!

So I promised to blog more often to keep myself on track.  So what better thing to blog about than my baby girl's birthday!!!

Our baby girl Zaryah Phoenix turned one yesterday!  We had a great day!  The kiddies slept in until almost 9, woke up happy!  We gave Zaryah her birthday presents, she was so excited!  Her and big sister Lara played with the new musical table!

We then went to the Disney store and they made a big deal about Lara's "unbirthday", she was feeling a little left out!  Lara pee'd on the potty TWICE in the mall (first and second time ever!).  We had bourbon st grill with lots of veggies for lunch.  Zaryah was a tired girl on the way home :)

After a short nap in the car Zaryah loved watching Lara summersault in the livingr oom and tried to copy :)  Cute little bum!

Happy birthday girl!

We had the traditional "first birthday dinner" of spaghetti and chocolate cake and Zaryah got covered!

I made the spaghetti sauce from scratch, that way I know what's in it.  Cake too.  I had a small piece and only a few licks from the bowl!  I used an extra 10 weekly points.  not too bad!

I'm down on the scale today too!

MOTIVATED AND ON PLAN!  To the gym for another beating then some easter shopping after that!  Ta taa!!!