Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter!

This morning has been fun!  The girls found all of the toys and candy the easter bunny hid for them in the living room!  Interestingly enough, neither girl is eating candy or chocolate right now.  Zaryah shared Daddo's banana and Lara is asking for eggs and toast, lol!  I'd like to think my influence is rubbing off, but I'm sure they both will be covered in chocolate at some point today :)

So far I'm doing pretty well staying on plan.  I've tracked absolutely everything since Tuesday.  Yay me!  Even through a dinner party on friday!  (I ate a small burger with no bun and only a little BBQ sauce and brought 3 different kinds of salads).  I've gotten lots of exercise, walking everyday, doing my thing at the gym and even cleaned out the furnace room!  It no longer looks like I belong on that show hoarders, lol!

Easter dinner with Tom's family is this afternoon and I'm armed with veggies and sparkling water.  Mum's dinners are notoriously high calorie.  I just have to try and avoid her yummy (and full fat) veggie dip!  We'll see how that goes!

Ok.  1 year old is trying to thwart my attempt to blog with a strategic heel to the escape button!  Gotta run!

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