Monday, April 9, 2012

Surviving Easter.

As I wrote about yesterday, I was going to my husband's family dinner.  I did well I have to say!  I portioned out everything, had some of that awesome veggie dip my mom makes, but I stopped before I gorged myself. :)  I brought along a salad to get more veggies in too.  I did have a small piece of apple pie, a little smidgen of vanilla ice cream and a bite of chocolate.  

When we go home, kidlets went to bed and my sister and I went for an almost 6 km walk!  I was cold when I got home, but it felt good!

On another note...  Life is going to get really busy for the next year and a half...  My husband was accepted into the Paramedics program at Trillium College!  He starts the week after I go back to work :/  He's on top of the world right now!  He's been a stay at home Dad for the past 3 years, but has felt that he wasn't contributing and we have had some financial struggles.  He's excited to be a man and provide for his family, lol!  

I'm so proud of him!  

So the next 2.5 weeks are going to be super busy with purging crap from the furnace room and separating it into sellable crap and crap crap, re-drywalling the family room, organizing a meal plan, making freezer meals etc...  

If anyone has any great ideas for healthy freezer/crockpot meals I'll gladly take them!

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