Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Life upside down to match the house!

Life is absolutely crazy right now!  I'm still on plan thank goodness, I wasn't going to let go of that!  Being in control of my eating has definitely been a saviour when I feel I can't control anything else!

I'm back at work now and loving that!  I have a great job in a great office with great coworkers and patients.  I even have it easier than I did before Mat leave because it seems everyone is trying to eat healthy!  A couple of them have just started weight watchers after seeing my sisters success and my 6 month post!  Awesome!

The temptations are a lot less than they used to be!  The first couple of shifts I didn't get a morning snack in, so I brought a bag of almonds that I could count out a portion and at least get some protein.

I increased my points a bit because I'm getting up earlier and found I've been going over with healthy food, just because I need to eat so often.  I imagine my body will need time to adjust to the changes, I wonder how the next couple of weigh-ins will play out...

I'm finding it hard to get to the gym right now, and will be talking to my trainer about shifting the schedule around a bit.  It's just not physically possible for me to go to the gym at 6:30 am to 7:30 am then go home, shower, change, wake the kids up, change and feed them then get them to the babysitters for 8.  Just not going to happen!  That and my husband needs to leave for work before I even would get home from the gym!  I had planned to go tuesdays and thursdays because originally my mother in law was going to watch the kids here, but that fell through so they're going to the babysitter 5 days a week when I can't find a niece or nephew to watch them.

I did go to my regularly scheduled swimming lesson last night and plan on maybe taking up a Jillian Michaels video a couple of times a week and maybe walking on my lunch hour.  I really need to keep the activity up!!!

Anyways, gotta get my lunch in order and head out the door!  I'll update when I weigh in at Weight Watchers tonight!

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