Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Swimming NSV!

Last night was my sister and I's first swimming lesson.  We both know how to swim, but I'd like to add swimming to my exercise repertoire, and I know I'm not a strong swimmer.  So adult lessons were the logical thing to do!  We get there and they split us into 3 groups, make sure we know how to float and a group of 6 of us headed to the deep end to tread water.  For the whole class!  I held onto the edge of the pool a couple of times for 30 seconds or so but I figured I might as well keep it up and get the exercise since I'm not totally dying yet!  I was able to tread water for all of it.  I kept u with a woman who is training for a triathlon!  Everying kept saying "I can't believe you're still going!"  Yay me!  Now I'm off to the gym for 6:30 am!

I'll tell you about weigh in later.  I know I'll be down, but with a huge loss last week I'm not expecting much.

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