Friday, April 20, 2012

Unplanned lilies.

Our back yard is a MESS.  It seriously is.  With me being out of commission the past 4 summers either pregnant (2 of the summers) or recovering from falling down the stairs and pregnancy, not to mention it had been neglected for years before that, my mom living alone in the house and not able to do it all herself, it's turned into a nice big overgrown field of beautiful dandelions and scotch thistles!

So with the nice weather we've been having, and the wish for a nice yard for the girls to play in, we got to work.  Last year we covered over an open space with new sod and laid a patio.  Yesterday we cleaned up garbage that's accumulated, raked up all of the brush that falls out of the trees over the winter and cleaned up some of the bushes.

Today we levelled a section, laid patio stones with foam tiles over top so the kids have a nice safe area to play in.  I also dug a trench a foot wide and 75 feet long along the fence, tossed the weeds out, replaced them with fresh triple mix and mulch.  Then instead of sprinkling the packets of morning glory seeds like I was intending, I decided to dig up a large area of lilies out back and replant them in the new garden!

I'm still going to sprinkle the morning glories, they will look nice climbing up the fence, blocking off the view of the dog run!  They'll grow quickly too giving the lilies time to thicken.  I still have quite a bit to do, but I got sent inside as my ankle was killing me and Tom knew I was done by the look on my face when I was kicking the spade into the ground apparently!

I was outside working for 6 hours straight.  Last year I never could have done that!  Now I'm thinking on what's left to do and what project out there comes after that!

Kill two birds with one stone right?  The yard gets done and I get exercise!

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