Tuesday, April 3, 2012

25 weeks down! On top of it!

As you can see I've not kept up with my monthly stats and progress pic.  My work hasn't shown much on the scale or in measurements.  So I've decided to measure and take pics every 10 lbs lost.  I'm 1.2 lbs off from 40 lbs lost officially with weight watchers so hopefully that'll come soon!

This week at weigh-in I was pleasantly surprised I was down 0.2 lbs!  My resetting myself last week didn't work :(  I had a wedding to go to and I made the wedding cake.  I didn't eat a lot of cake (I know you were thinking that :P), I was so busy making it I didn't have time to eat most days!  And when I did eat, it wasn't well.  Yesterday was hubby's birthday as well and we went out for ribs.  I ate half a dessert too.  Didn't track.

I was definitely struggling with tracking again too.  Today I've tracked.  My goal is to track tomorrow.  I am going with it one day at a time right now and hopefully I'll make it a habit again.  I feel in control today but I think I need to take more steps to kick things up a notch.

I started this blog almost 6 months ago to hopefully keep me accountable.  If people are reading it, I need to write something for them to read and since this is a weight loss blog, I should be writing something weight loss related.  Right?  So I'm going to try writing more often.  Maybe that'll help me :)

Words of encouragement greatly appreciated!


  1. Great job on the weight loss! You are doing awesome!

    1. Thank you. I'm working on it. The weight will hopefully start coming off again!