Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Weigh in day

Weigh in was tonight and I'm down 0.8 lbs!  Making it a total of 80.2 pounds lost!!!  I didn't get my 75 pound medal at the meeting tonight, missed it by 0.8 lbs :(  Another girl in our meeting is really close to 50 pounds lost and we both decided that it'll be a great inspiration to all of the post New Years newbies to see some people celebrate big milestones just after joining. :)  Our next meeting isn't until January 7th, because, meeting being on Tuesdays, we'll miss the next two because of where Christmas and new years fall.  I know I'll probably earn the medal on Monday when I weigh in at the centre, but I'm going to hold off getting the medal until I'm at my "home meeting" on the 8th.  That group has helped me get where I am, I want to celebrate with them!

Work is getting absolutely ridiculous!  Only 4 more shifts of patient presents!  Here's only a mere sampling of their generosity!  I've had none of it still by the way!  Although those Reese clusters might break my resolve!  Oh!  Those were given to me by one of my Diabetic patients!  Seriously people!

So I did the unthinkable after weigh in tonight.  I had a Big Mac and fries for dinner!  Gah it was so good!  Now you may think this is a bad excuse for justifying eating it, and maybe it is, but sometimes I find having a big calorie full meal makes me drop a bunch of weight after.  As if it's a re-set.  I was bummed this week for having only lost 0.8 after a 0.2 gain last week and I'VE BEEN SO GOOD!  Not even a toe out of line!  It was actually my hubby that said I needed a reset meal.  He's seen this happen a few times and suggests it when I'm getting down about my losses.  Maybe it's just the "feel-good-ness" (endorphins) of the binge or maybe there really is something to the whole reset the system theory, but either way, it'll probably work and I'll have a good loss next monday!

That all being said, NOTHING is off limits remember?  So there should be no guilt to be had over my dinner tonight, Right? :P


12 almonds
1 cup grapes


Fat free greek yogurt


1.5 servings triscuit thin crisps
1.5 servings low fat marble cheese
1/2 cup raspberries
2 cups salad with veggies
2 tsp balsamic vinaigrette


Big Mac
Medium fries
A few sips of coke


Home made turtles fudge!  (hey, go big or go home!)

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  1. I have completely realized this time around that the "nothing off limits" reasoning works! Before I just deprived myself of everything I loved and after a week or two I was done. Now, if I want something I can have it, in moderation. Excited for your 75lb medal soon!