Wednesday, December 12, 2012

busy day = back pain :(

It's really fricking busy at work right now.  Between every other patient coming in with a cold or flu, everyone else feels the need to visit the doctors (or Nurses) office before Christmas.  It's like they panic when they hear we're going to be closed for two days!

So when it gets busy, I get busy.  Very busy.  And when I have to sit for longer visits my back starts to act up.  My physio's solution is to stand for all of the visit, lol!  Right!  Then my ankle will hurt!  I just can't win!

I'm counting down the days until I get some much needed time off, then hopefully things'll calm down in the new year.

I was alright eating today, dinner was fish and chips, but I weighed it out, only giving myself a reasonable portion points wise.  5 points of fish (battered and fried of course) and 4 points of french fries.  I finished it off with a big salad.  It was the perfect way to do it!  I had a taste, but didn't get the full of fatty food bloat!  Or guilt!

Here's how the rest of the day went.


12 almonds
a banana


cheese string


Shepherd's pie


A pear
fat free greek yogurt


3 oz battered and fried halibut
2 oz french fries



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