Saturday, December 1, 2012

Saturday with the fam!

The girls and I got up between 8 and 9, woke Daddo at 9:30 and we went and did some Christmas shopping!  I struck one person off my list and got Lara's Birthday present!  Her birthday is in January and we saw a beautiful 4 poster bed at a clearance store and just had to get it!

I managed to get some cooking done, I made up 2 pounds of ground Chicken and 1 pound of ground beef with lots of onions, mushrooms and peppers and made 2 shepherds pies with half of the meat mixture (with cauliflower mashed potatoes), one for dinner tomorrow and one to freeze. I made taco salad topping with the other half.  I love doing up the ground meat like this, the veggies add a lot of volume, a ton of flavour and lowers the points a lot!

Sitting down is definitely still not comfortable.  The drive did me in so I was glad to be in the kitchen cooking!

I also made a cake for a baby shower I'm helping host tomorrow.  I'll post a pic tomorrow!

I'm now tired and hubby is waiting for cuddles :)


One piece of toast
1 tbsp Nutella
Greek yogurt
1/2 a banana
an apple


Bacon and egg McMuffin
2 hashbrowns


Taco salad
-taco filling
-romaine lettuce
-11 tostitos
-1 ounce low fat shredded marble cheese
-1 tbsp ranch dressing

Not a great day food wise...

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