Tuesday, December 11, 2012

But baby it's cold outside!

This morning I had to get the girls over to my brothers to be babysat again. It was so cold this morning! I had to get them all bundled up, coat, hat, mitts, the whole nine!  It was a bit of a struggle getting them into the van!  My back has been better, but I aggravated it this morning doing that :(

I need to get a warmer coat for winter, my red wool coat is ok for fall days, but it does nothing to block the wind!  I don't want to spend any money on one though, what's the point?  It'll only be for one season!  Walmart I hear is a good choice, it has to be WARM though because I walk to work often and I don't want that to be a deterrent!

I gained 0.2 lbs at weigh in tonight.  Not a big deal I know, but now I have to lose 1.6 pounds to receive my 75 pound medal at the meeting next week!  I really want that before Christmas and next week is the last weigh in before they're closed for 2 weeks because of which day the holidays fall on!

I had a really busy day at work and am exhausted and sore!  Nightee night!


12 almonds


greek yogurt

1.5oz low fat marble cheese
1.5 servings triscuit thin crisp crackers
1.5 servings heluva good dip


Shepherds pie


1 twix bar (hubby had the other one!)

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